Wind makes Pregnant: something good! The woman claims to be pregnant due to wind, gave birth in 15 minutes!

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  • The woman claims to have become pregnant due to the wind
  • The woman gave birth to a daughter
  • Police are investigating the matter

An Indonesian woman has claimed to have left the chakra. This woman claims she got pregnant because of the air. The woman made the claim while talking to a local channel. You never had sex with a man. Still you Pregnant She claimed that it had happened.

The claim made by this woman seems ridiculous. According to the woman, while resting at home after the afternoon prayers, she suddenly felt a touch of air. It felt like the air was entering our bodies. About 15 minutes after the incident, she reported that her stomach started to ache and she started getting bigger. She was rushed to hospital as she was in labor pains. At the hospital, she gave birth to a cute baby girl. The health of the newborn baby and mother is great.

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Strange delivery news goes viral

News of this woman’s strange delivery went viral. The head of the local community clinic then met the woman to find out. During the visit, they learned that the woman was married. However, these women and husbands are living separately. This woman already has a daughter.

Is such a delivery possible?

Iman Suleiman, head of the community clinic, said both the mother and the baby were in good health. The baby was born naturally and weighed 2.9 kg. Suleiman said the case was a “secret pregnancy”. In this, the woman does not feel pain before delivery. Local police have launched an investigation into the matter. Police have started an investigation into other aspects of the woman’s marital life as well.

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