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People may be fascinated by bike riding and may intend to buy bikes. Due to the outbreak of Covid 19, people may desire to hold their own vehicle, so that they do not have to share the journey with others. Therefore, rich people may intend to buy four-wheelers, but ordinary people cannot afford that. So, service holders may have lack job security and cannot afford new two-wheelers. So, they may need two-wheelers and intend to buy that new one. So, they intend to buy old bikes at affordable rates. The buyers can set the budget and can buy preferred bikes of used ones.  

Why used bikes?

The website bike24 buys and sells used two-wheelers. The buyers can filter the bikes by years of usage, by fuel type and other related parameters. If buyers seek reliability with the used bikes, then they can buy KTM for adventure.. Customers can find affordable rates to buy used bikes online. These used bikes are easily available all over the country.  Selling and reselling are frequently occurring out of this trade. The owners of bikes sell the bikes at very good condition. So, the reselling of bikes may happen at an affordable price, but maintaining good conditions.. Therefore, selling and reselling of bikes are very popular trade in India. The most comfortable option is to buy used bikes online due to its affordable rates. If the bikes are bought from a website, there is no chance of getting deprived. 

How to select bikes to buy  

Some KTM bikes are widely used in Delhi. If these are sold in good conditions, then, they can buy used bikes online on selected categories at cheaper in rates. The customers can see the photos, mileage, reviews of the resale bikes on the website. After browsing through all details and data, buyers can decide which bike to adopt. As KTM bikes are widely used in India, so it is easy to think that used KTM bikes are also available in online. The website collects all used bikes and carries out all sorts of testing and repairing. It is made suitable for running on the street after thorough checking. The testing fitness certificates will be issued by the testing authority. So, the customers can browse the inventory of bikes and can select the used bikes as per capacity

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Parameters of two-wheelers  

There are various models and brands of bikes in India. Different models of KTM bikes are widely used in the country. Duke is one of the favourite models of KTM bikes. It provides styled features and draws customers even in the used models. Therefore, it is popular to buy used bikes online as it holds sufficient demand. KTM bikes offer adventure features and therefore, used bikes at affordable rates are lucrative to bike buyers. The adventure features draw attention to clients and the versatile nature of KTM bikes do not remind customers to buy a second-hand bike.  Therefore, If customers do not have money to buy new bikes, they can easily buy used bikes online.

Why used two-wheelers?

There are many dealers of bikes in India and nearly 233 dealers are available in the country. There are multiple dealers for KTM who used two-wheelers in India. It is easier for people staying in Delhi to buy used KTM bikes. They will feel the same adventure by same used bikes. The customers can buy at an affordable level. Bike riders may intend to feel adventures with KTM 390 adventure.  If it is not possible to buy a new bike, they can easily buy used bikes online at a comfort level. So, riding adventures may be available with used bikes also. So, people may like to buy used bikes with lower rates rather than showroom ones.

Why not four-wheelers?

There are various dealers of bikes or used bikes in India. Therefore, used bikes are readily available in India. People are crazy about riding adventures with bikes and that can be fulfilled by used bikes. The performance level of KTM bikes are so high that used vehicles also will provide the same level of performance. But, in post-pandemic situations, the focus of purchasing has been shifted suddenly. The intended buyers for four cars suddenly shifted their focus on two-wheelers. This may be due to job losses, insecurity of jobs and socio-economic issues. So, the tendency has been shifted to buy old bikes in the country.  

Focus on used bikes 

Due to fear of virus infection, the focus of the type of mobility has been shifted. Maximum people intend to avoid shared vehicles or public transport. Therefore, the intention for the focus of two-wheelers is increased as four-wheelers are not possible for all customers. Everyone keeps their budget limit and can buy used two-wheelers. This will serve all the same purposes. This will avoid shared mobility, keeps a lower budget and keeps away virus infection. In this present scenario, buying used two-wheelers may create market demands. Presently, due to Coronavirus and pandemic conditions, all professionals are in fear of loss of job. Therefore, they intend to buy used bikes to save some money. The cost to buy used bike online will be less than the new one. 


It has been observed that people trying to buy used bikes are struggling with the owners with multiple issues. The customers are relatively inexperienced in the topic. In this regard, it can be stated that the car24 website is buying and selling used bikes and the customers are safe. The website is buying used bikes and selling after proper repairing, they sell the vehicles. The point is that used vehicles should be of a reputed brand. Post-sale services of the popular brands will be available and will be helpful for used vehicle owners. The used bikes are of low cost as taxes, duties are exempted. Quality, age and brand matter for purchasing used bikes. But, customers will not be deprived by websites and can buy used bikes safely. During usage, if any problem occurs after buying, the owners of the bike will get full support from the website. , 

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