What is a Screw Extractor?


A screw extractor is an important addition to your toolbox, allowing you to safely and easily remove damaged screws when needed. 

Using a screw extractor, you can avoid damage to assembled items and ensure high-quality construction results. A screw extractor can help you improve your building capacity and deal with structural problems efficiently when they occur. 

Here’s what you need to know about screw extractors and how they work!

What is a screw extractor?

A screw extractor is a tool used to remove damaged screws when completing building tasks. Screw extractors are designed to allow for safe, easy screw removal that avoids causing damage to surrounding construction materials. 

All screw extractors are different, but most designs use a tapered drill bit with reverse threading to remove screws as efficiently as possible, all while protecting materials so that new screws can still be applied. 

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How do you use a screw extractor?

To use most screw extractors, all you need to do is apply the bit to a faulty screw and spin the bit in reverse. This will back the screw out, turning it away from its position. For the best results, its important work slowly, avoiding unnecessary damage. 

If your screw extractor doesn’t grip the screw automatically, you may need to do some set-up work. Working carefully, you can drill or bore the surrounding material to provide better access to the screw. 

If needed, you can also use an electric or drill-powered screw extractor manually. This allows you to work slowly and minimise material damage when removing a stuck fastener. This is a better option if your screw is large or badly stuck in place.

Are screw extractors needed?

Screw extractors are important when it comes to removing damaged or faulty screws without causing excess damage or instability to surrounding materials. 

Using a screw extractor can make it much easier to remove damaged screws when necessary. This can speed up the construction process, as well as allowing you to improve the structural integrity of your build. 

Fewer breaks, splits, and faults in a final product can result in better-quality outcomes and longer-lasting projects, making a screw extractor a worthy investment. 

How can you choose the best screw extractor?

It’s important that you choose the right screw extractor tool in order to ensure the best results. Your purchasing choice will also affect which tasks you can complete.  

Before you make a purchase, consider what kinds of tasks you’ll most likely use a screw extractor for. How often will you need to use the extractor? 

Think about your general building style and ability. Consider the materials you commonly work with and how compatible each different screw extractor model will be with your needs. 

You’ll also need to consider how you will use a screw extractor. If you mostly need to remove smaller or partially wedged screws, you may only need to use an electric or drill-powered extractor, but if you work with larger, more challenging screws, you may also use a screw extractor manually. 

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