4 Tips to Set Up Your Table


If you are someone who is keen on the type of dishes and bowls used in the kitchen, then you may already have an idea about the functionality of different tableware. Chances are that your kitchen racks are stacked with salad plates, pasta bowls, serving bowls, and serving platters.

If you enjoy buying unique serve ware for the dining table and pays attention to the small details while setting up the table, this article is for you.

Setting Up Your Table Right

A well-set dining table can make the table look appealing and enhance the dining experience. It might seem like an easy task. But when you are hosting a dinner party or inviting your friends and family over, it might seem like a challenge.

  • Know the Occasion

What is the occasion that you are celebrating? Is it a formal event or a casual gathering? How many guests are you expecting?

Ask yourself all these questions before setting up the table. If it’s a formal event, it’s time to bring out the best china and dinnerware from the cupboard. However, if you are expecting a considerable number of guests, then you might reconsider bringing out the most delicate items. 

Despite the occasion, you can stick to ceramic wares as they look classy and won’t hurt your pocket if one or two slip out of hand.

Pick a Colour Theme

Picking a colour theme to set up the table is everything. You can choose the crockery and dinnerware according to the colour theme.

If you maintain a wooden table, you can pick pastel shades of ceramic that will make your table look subtle and pristine. You can cover the table with a table cloth. If you are using flowers on the table, make sure it goes with the colour theme. 

If it’s a formal gathering, try to pick light pastel colours. 

Use Serving Bowls

While hosting a party, choose the right kind of tableware. Use serving bowls, platters, casseroles, dessert bowls, and soup bowls to serve. Dinnerware from basic plates to side bowls should be on the table for guests. Keep silverware like forks, spoons, and knives on the table.

Use many small to medium-sized dishes for larger groups to let the dinner table setting appear more prominent. Keep separate platters for serving appetizers and dessert.

Add Few Centrepieces

Vases, sculptures, and other lovely centre pieces can be added to the table to decorate the table and lift the mood. Don’t crowd the table with too many pieces.

Just a vase with some lovely fragrant flowers and some candles will do. If you are using flowers, then pick the freshest fragrant flowers as they can brighten the room. Additionally, you can use wooden pieces or glass figurines at the table. This can make the table appear elegant.

Summing Up

While having guests over, it’s not just about the food you prepare; as a host, you should be careful about setting the table right, entertaining your guests, and making sure to give them a good time.

With these tips, you can charm your guests at the next gathering. Go ahead and start planning the guest list. You can make the entertaining elegant and worth the time and effort. Select pieces that speak the event and add glamour to the day.

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