5 Reasons Why Retractable Banner Stands Need to Be in Your Tradeshow Kit


For almost two years, all mass events were postponed or outright canceled. COVID19 restrictions kept business travel down. Hence, all tradeshows, marketing events, and similar public events were held online. Small business owners that rely on the brand exposure they receive at physical tradeshows struggled during this period.

Thankfully, mass events are starting to take place all over the world again. In the post-pandemic era, small business owners finally have the chance to aggressively promote their brands again at these events. Many regions of the country have officially “re-opened.” So, at your next tradeshows, there will be no capacity limits or physical distancing.

Are you ready to present your brand at these events and venues? To stand out from the other brands competing for consumer attention – you will need strong marketing tools. There are many tradeshow marketing tools out there – brochures, posters, business cards, banners, and more.

However, there’s one promotional tool that’s the most important for businesses attending these events – custom-printed retractable banner stands. Banner stands have always been great marketing tools. Banner stands that retract or pop out within seconds are even better promotional tools, especially at busy tradeshows and marketing events. Here’s why.

1. Brand Representatives Have No Time to Assemble Complex Marketing Tools

At busy tradeshows, brand representatives get little time and space to set out their promotional kits. By the time you set up your tradeshow booth, people will start engaging with other businesses. Banner stands that retract or pop out within seconds are the perfect marketing tools in such situations.

These banner stands are super-easy to operate. Any individual can set them up and fold them back up again in a couple of minutes. These banner stands require no special installation tools. Even in busy, crowded spaces, these lightweight and portable banner stands are very easy to operate.

2. The Best Type of Marketing Accessory at Crowded Events

The latest banner stands in the market are typically made of vinyl fabrics. This material is easy to print (especially digital printing). Brand leaders can custom-print all types of designs and artwork on these banners. Plus, these banners come with a lot of printing space. A large, prominent, and well-customized banner stand is guaranteed to draw attention at these events.

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3. These Banner Stands are Cheap

As stated above, these banner stands are made of highly durable materials like vinyl. This material is also very cheap. Even small-scale business owners can custom-print hundreds of these banners without spending too much of their annual marketing budgets. If keeping promotional costs as low as possible is your company’s target – a retractable banner stand is your dream tool.   

4. These Banners are Light and Portable

Banner stands are super-light. Taking them to events is very easy. Users can simply “detract” these banners, condense them into small bags, and travel around with them.

5. Reusable Banners

What happens to these banners once your tradeshow promotions are successful? Well, you can just set them up inside or outside your store! The big, high-impact graphics on these banners look great everywhere.

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