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India is considered one of the best destinations for starting your jewellery business. The reason is that India has a great love for gold jewellery, and the desire to buy gold among Indians has made the country the third-largest jewellery market globally, followed by China and the United States of America. So, India consumes around $50 billion worth of gold on an annual basis.

Jewellery is a part of every occasion and is worn as a status symbol at favourable events like marriage, engagement, festivals, etc. Specifically, gold is considered a status symbol in India. People believe that it is promising to own gold. Apart from this, it is also considered an asset. Most Indians spend a significant proportion of the wedding budget exclusively on the purchase of jewellery.

Thus jewellery industry in India is the most booming and growing sector that contributes 6-7% of India’s GDP, making it a profitable industry for those seeking financial growth.

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Considering these factors, young entrepreneur Amit Soni decided to establish his jewellery business in India, Indore, to boost his hometown’s economy and provide the best jewellery and trendy solutions to his fellow Indians.

Since childhood, he was always interested in creative work and dreamed of having his own jewellery business, and now as we can witness, he has succeeded. Loving his job and enjoying every part of making a piece of art made Amit Soni jewellers one of the most successful businesses in India, Indore. 

Besides always coming up with creative jewellery ideas, Amit Soni is also interested in creating equal opportunities for all youngsters to get educated and achieve their goals. 

He loves mentioning that an essential part of our growth and motivation is contributing to the greater good, being part of something greater than ourselves. He believes that little steps can strengthen the sense of community and shared humanity, lightening our burdens for just a moment and giving us something to smile about. 

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