How To Build A Sales Funnel For Your Business


Every business wants the maximum number of people visiting their website to make a purchase and become loyal customers. The customer’s journey from casual visitor to converted lead is known as the sales funnel. The typical sales funnel for your business will have three segments – a top, middle and bottom segment with the top segment being the broadest. The top segment is all about making customers aware of your brand and its product range. Next, you need to capture their interest and educate them on the benefits of your product. The bottom segment is where leads take action and become customers. At this stage, the processing needs to be seamless and you might need to give the customer a gentle nudge in the right direction. 

Understanding this path gives you a clearer insight into the needs of your customers and helps develop more relevant marketing content. So, let’s take a look at how to build a sales funnel.

Create A Website And Landing Pages

In today’s internet-driven world, your website is often where customers have their first interaction with the brand. In addition to the website, you also need relevant landing pages for your advertising campaigns. For example, if you are a shoe retailer, you may want a different landing page for men’s and women’s footwear. These pages should paint an attractive picture of the company and leave a good impression. They should also include ways to capture the visitor’s details.

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Create Interest

At this stage of a sales funnel for your business, you need to capture the visitor’s interest and get them to connect with the brand. Simply asking for their contact details may not work. Instead, you need to give them a valuable proposition that makes them want to share their details with you. This could be a free e-book or a case study with content relevant to their search. 

Nurture The Prospect

Now that you’ve got the person’s contact details, the ball is in your court to nurture a relationship. Reach out through weekly or monthly email campaigns to share more details about your company and product range. These emails should address the need that brought the individual to your website in the first place. For example, if they landed on your website to get a student loan, promoting home loans would not generate any results. 

Offer Attractive Deals

Once you’ve captured a lead’s interest and built trust with the brand, you need to offer them a deal to make a purchase. This isn’t just in terms of prices. You need to prove why your product is worth buying. You could try product demonstration videos, reviews from past customers and maybe even a free trial. In short, you need to incentivise the lead to become a customer. 

Stay In Touch

Irrespective of whether the lead is converted or not, you should continue communicating with them. Build a relationship that’s based on trust so that the customer associates your brand name with positive vibes. If the customer makes a purchase, encourage them to leave reviews and testimonials and invite them to participate in case studies. 

Analyse And Optimize

It isn’t enough to create a sales funnel and expect everything from then on to be automated. You need to constantly assess and analyse your sales funnel to spot weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. Look for reasons why people leave the funnel and try to address them in different ways. 

For example, you may have a technical glitch with your forms wherein the customer’s phone number isn’t being saved or your landing pages may be loading too slowly. Are your discount codes working? Test the different stages of the customer’s journey from time to time to identify such glitches. 

Similarly, look at the content being put out. Is it relevant to the customer? Is it fresh? If your content is plagiarized or written with poor grammar, customers may be put off. If your videos get more results than articles, you may need to publish more content of this type. 


Building a sales funnel for your business is critical to maximizing the returns on your investment and maintaining a loyal customer base. It’s all about staying connected with the customer and capturing their interest. Every stage is equally important and needs content to be designed according to the customer’s needs at the point. This is why it is often beneficial to work with a content creation team. This way you’re assured of original, high quality content that captures your audience, makes them to engage with the brand and ultimately results in higher sales. 

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