Latest E-Commerce Trend: What You Should Know About Social Commerce


Social media has seen a steady surge during the pandemic. The growth is not going to stop anytime soon. Here are some current trends in e-commerce that all business owners should know.

What Does the Term Social Commerce Mean?

‘Social ‘means anything concerned with human civilization and adds to society in ways. The term can also refer to socialisation. The term ‘commerce’ refers to any form of trade and its related protocols. So the combination of these words’ social commerce’ refers to the amalgamation of social media sites and commerce.

Hence, in simple words, social commerce means that social media sites are used as an instrument by business persons to sell their commodities in the online market by using e-commerce trends.

Several e-commerce trends are estimated to grow immensely. Thus, business persons should have comprehensive knowledge about the emerging and current trends in e-commerce.

The most prominent e-commerce trends are relevant to the growth of social media and its influence on sales:

1. There was a Growth of Facebook From Social Networking to a Social Marketing Site. 

The social networking site created and brainstormed by genius Mark Zuckerberg is social.

Facebook has changed the way the world functions. The site started as a communication site and a connection between people. Gradually, Facebook captured all major business avenues: data analytics, business operations, teaching, food blogging, microblogging, and even e-commerce.

As a user, you might have already seen the panel of ‘Facebook Marketplace.’

The Facebook marketplace is a good place for local business owners to advertise and sell their products.

Facebook Marketplace is an excellent place for local business owners to sell small commodities like accessories, ethnic wear, clothes, bags, lipsticks, hair accessories, shoes, cups, plates, and other small items. Features like ‘Facebook Live’ also allow sellers to display their products in a live show tailored for the audience.

But, Facebook’s e-commerce business doesn’t end here. Apart from giving small and local business owners a chance to sell their products, this social media site also allows large multinational companies like popular businesses to advertise their products. 

Facebook also has ad optimization suitable for other companies.

Hence, if you are a business owner who is looking forward to expanding their business in the online market, then advertising your goods on Facebook is an excellent option.

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2. Instagram, Which is Owned By Facebook, is a Great Marketing Tool

Instagram is another social media site owned by the company Facebook and is an excellent option for marketing as well. The growing trend of e-commerce allows the expansion of all businesses equally. If you want to expand your business using e-commerce platforms, Instagram is a great option.

All the products ranging from skincare to clothing and accessories Are sold on Instagram. This app has introduced a new panel to sell and buy products. Any business looking forward to expansion must reach out to famous creators who endorse brands.

For example, if you own a skincare company, you can reach out to a famous Blogger or influencer on Instagram who does endorsements relating to skincare. The influencer ringtone will ensure that your product reaches the right audience and target audience. Usually, female influencers have a lot of fan following from the young age group, and your business product will get the right audience. Shopping on India sites can be found on the internet, as a largely searched category.

Social commerce and social commerce platforms are gaining popularity Each day. Any creator or business person who wants their products to reach the right audience must use these platforms to boost their sales.

3. Social E-commerce is Also Influencing Global Social E-Commerce

It has been seen that Many consumers buy from social media platforms frequently. They are usually Influenced by trends and viral videos which are streamed on platforms like Tiktok and Instagram. For example, the increase of Y2k fashion dresses exponentially increased After it became a trend on Instagram. Trending reveals on Instagram also influence the young audience to buy clothes and clothing accordingly. This is a crucial point to note for any business owner as they should sell clothes and commodities according to the business trends in e-commerce to boost their sales—shopping sites in India top online searches for a long time. 

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Customers nowadays have no tolerance towards verbal spats with owners or business owners. You should make sure that the customer has a seamless experience While visiting your e-commerce store or website. Also, it is estimated that chatbots and AI will gradually take over all aspects of e-commerce. Make sure you have a piece of comprehensive knowledge about artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and online tools which will help you expand the business you are currently undertaking. This is because AI and other chatbots will be used in the future for every small business. Larger companies like Amazon and Flipkart already have 24/7 chat bots available to their customers for solving their queries, and catering to their needs will stop. 

It is also estimated that small businesses will incorporate and introduce chatbots into their businesses when the prices drop. The last year had seen a dip in sales due to the pandemic, but the pandemic shopping trend had emerged eventually. People had bought utility items like sanitizers and clothes during this. Your business should be flexible and change according to the customers and the world’s needs.

E-commerce sites in India online are growing every day like in other countries.

Another trend that emerged and stood out this year was Customers preferred to use digital creations to try on clothes, makeup, and sunglasses.

As you might have already experienced on popular websites like, These websites provide the users with a real-life dummy to try on the sunglasses. Your face is used as the digital creation on which you can test the sunglasses and frames. Even Lakme and other lipstick companies provide virtual dummies for testing and trying the lipsticks. It is estimated that even clothes and clothing websites will have this option in the future when virtual reality takes over the world. This is another trend you can incorporate into your business to satisfy your customers. Shopping sites in India online are a popular choice.

These are the few e-commerce trends that will give you an edge over other business owners if appropriately used.

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