The Online Furniture Retailers Are The New Age Unicorns Of The Furniture Industry


The furniture industry in India has seen tremendous growth and expansion in the last few years. The offline furniture stores are moving online and amplifying their reach. They are the new mammoths of the segment. The market captivity is high and the visible change is upgrading every facet of it. Churchill Said “necessity is the mother of invention” and this thought is one of the greatest drivers of the furniture industry. The dependency of furniture on our comfort, convenience, and aesthetics of your space has led to immense improvement in India and globally. 

Keeping this thought and market study in mind, Craftatoz the contemporary online furniture giant has broadened its horizons and introduced an online furniture store. Established in the year 1989, the family-owned furniture company is popular for its extensive range of products and designer furniture.

 The Saharanpur manufacturing unit of Craftatoz is one of its USPs. The furniture capital of the country is renowned for its skilled artisans, craftsmen, and intricate carving. The furniture made here is state-of-the-art, bespoke, and redefining. Saharanpur represents the heritage of furniture art by crafting marvels. 

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Mr. Parvez the co-founder of Craftatoz exerts that, “The online furniture stores are the next generation concepts, they correspond to the needs of urban homes and allows one to experience a next-level shopping spree, Craftatoz being a customer-centric organization has launched its online furniture retailer to provide a humongous variety of premium furniture at unmatched prices” 

Leveraging the digital influence

The urban audience is agile and has immense exposure. Their attention span is limited. To gauge their attention and stir their interest, it requires the right blend of creative approach and marketing strategy. The digital influence and availability of various platforms are one of the strongest reasons for the pivotal growth and success of the furniture sector in India.

 Craftatoz is using the right mix of digital media and various channels to continually interact and engage the audience. It strives to create an immersive experience for its customers by sharing the latest trends, conducting content, promotional offers, launching new introductions, and much more. The mission of our furniture store is to utilize the power of digitalization to its best, reach a wider audience base and enhance its brand image. 

The aesthetics matter!

When it comes to furniture, whether it is home furniture, office furniture, or outdoor furniture; the aesthetics and beauty of the furniture matter a lot. The appearance of the same has an impact on the purchase decision. To entice a large audience and lure them to visit your website the online furniture stores are employing a mix of strategies and product upgrades.  The product curators are exerting to study the global furniture market and introduce exquisite antique furniture that is as per the latest trends. 

We have a rich experience of more than two decades in the industry. Over the years, they have acquired expertise and thoroughly comprehend the needs of customers. They have more than 10,000 products across 30 furniture categories. Their furniture is aesthetically pleasing, well-planned, compact, and designer-made. Every piece of furniture here is crafted with utmost agility, attention to detail, and precision.

Compact Space and modular furniture

Urban homes require urban solutions. The space constraints and compact spaces demand modular and sleek furniture that can make optimum utilization of the space. Modular furniture is the need of urban homes today. The urban crowd is scouting for décor and furniture elements that are extravagant and awe-inspiring. They have launched a special range of furniture modules that are planned to suit the urban needs and packed to match the urban spaces. 

Customization and experience store

Every space has its own requirements and a concept that it boasts. Choosing the right furniture that synchronizes with the themes is of supreme importance. Online furniture stores like Craftatoz are pushing their boundaries and working to create an alluring setup that encourages customer satisfaction. The provision to customize the product as per the need and make the necessary mediations in terms of material, style, pattern, dimensions, etc is working wonders for the customers as well as furniture stores. 

Redefining Logistics and shipping 

The shipping, distribution, and logistics determine the efficacy of any business model. Craftatoz has a pan India reach and an organized supply chain network. It is associated with some of the leading logistics service providers and has a systematic setup to monitor logistics activity. They intend to provide optimum Customer Support and Technical Assistance throughout the process. 

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Setting the new trend!

 The online furniture segment is growing immensely in the next few years, it is expected to witness a growth of 30-40%.  The online furniture stores are now highly preferred due to the superior quality, convenience, ease, and professional customer support that it offers. The furniture leaders like Craftatoz are incorporating innovative strategies to create the perfect alchemy and set new milestones in the online furniture domain. 

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