What Are the Benefits of Skirting Boards?


Skirting boards are a feature of many old-fashioned homes, and they serve to protect the wall from scuffs, scratches, and other damage which might occur if people or children walk too close to it. They also help establish the clean lines of a room, but it is not uncommon for people to install them purely for the protection factor. In addition, the skirting boards conceal the gap created by uneven floors and provide a neat finish that enhances any room’s decor.

The benefits of the skirting world are an excellent way to keep the joints of your home’s walls, pillars, and framing together. It strengthens the whole structure, so you wouldn’t have to worry about cracks and leaks that may cause structural damage or deteriorate the aesthetics of your home. Skirting boards also offer an additional layer of insulation from water and freezing temperatures without sacrificing airflow efficiency.

  1. Protection

Without skirting boards, walls will be damaged by shoes or pets’ paws. You may also experience accidental bumps on walls and damage to paint or wallpaper. In addition, babies and toddlers are prone to scratches on walls, and they might even put their hands somewhere they shouldn’t stop when crawling. With skirting boards, you can sweep the dirt under them.

  • Frame Preservation

If you have dealt with wooden frames, you know how quickly they can rot or get termites infestations if exposed for long periods. The best way to prevent this is by installing skirting boards. The moisture cannot get in through the cracks, and as long as you wipe them now and then and give them a good cleaning, they can easily last for many years.

  • Safety

Skirting boards also protect people from tripping on cords, wires, or other items that can cause injury when not appropriately secured. Also, children are often attracted to the gap between floors and floors. You can easily protect your kids from falling and hurting themselves with skirting boards. If you suffer from weak knees, you should consider buying skirting boards for your home.

  • Attractive Line-Up

You can also install skirting boards on the top and bottom of your doors. It will make your home look more organized, and it will make it appear tidier because people don’t need to worry about stepping on the threshold. In addition, it will give them a finished look and help protect the door and its hinges.

  • Noise Reduction

Skirting boards are made with different materials, and to take up less space, they are often thinner than the wall itself. It allows for better insulation and reduces the noise coming from your neighbor’s home. It will prevent sound waves from penetrating your walls, so you won’t have to worry if they listen to music at maximum volume. It makes them very effective at reducing noise in your home when they are creaked or squeaked while walking around or moving furniture around.

  • Airflow

Fresh air will constantly flow through your home and rooms as long as there is no gap between the floors or walls. However, sometimes open holes can cause air to easily escape, leading to the freezing of floorboards or even damaging items while they are still in place. Skirting boards will ensure that air will freely flow through your home. Some people also use skirting boards to serve as an additional layer of insulation and heat retention in the winter months, which helps them save on their heating bills.

  • Protection for Underflooring

You can also protect your underflooring with skirting boards. It will save water and heat. Skirting boards are also perfect for those who have wooden floors. You can cover the gap in your flooring with them to prevent moisture intrusion and help keep that beautiful finish intact. In addition, it can prevent water from seeping from the ground and flooding your floors, especially if you have a lot of plumbing under there or live in an area with a lot of moisture.

  • Acoustics

Skirting boards are designed to keep noise outside, yet they can absorb sound shocks when people walk close to walls that have holes in them. However, even though they are thin and lightweight, skirting boards still serve an essential purpose by providing an extra layer of sound insulation. As long as they are the suitable material, they can also muffle the sounds of footsteps so your guests won’t be disturbed while watching a movie or playing some games.

  • Sound Absorption

Skirting boards absorb sound waves as they travel over them as. As a result, they can cause vibration in the floors of some homes. Also, when the base is made of hardwood or laminate, it can tend to “ring” from the vibrations resulting from sounds on the street outside. Skirting boards can help reduce these excess vibrations and noises, and that’s why they are an essential feature of your home.

  1. Look Clean

Natural skirting boards will help keep the house looking tidy. They are also perfect for shower rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, especially if you want to protect your surfaces from water damage and help in keeping them clean. Skirting boards are also visible from outside your home, making it look neat.

  1. Waterproofing

You can also apply waterproofing to your skirting boards and protect them from water splashes on rainy days. If you have skirting boards with an unfinished look, such as cedar, you can also give them a coat of sealant for a more finished look. Most adhesives will not be very visible on the finished product, but this might be worth considering if you want the finishing touch.

  1. Installation

The installation process is pretty simple. All you need to do is cut the wall round with a saw to the required shape and size. The wood boards are ready-made, but if you want them for unique designs or conditions, you will have to make them yourself.

The best thing about the skirting world is that they cost very little to install and will last you long. It also works well with most design types, so if you are still undecided about what to do for your home or business, you should consider installing skirting boards.

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