Why do Intra-Day Traders Love TradingView?


Intra-day trading refers to buying and selling shares on the same day. It is considered highly risky and requires considerable accuracy to generate good returns. Traders who take direct control of their investments often opt for online intraday trading. Constantly staying up-to-date with the markets helps them make sound investment choices.

How Do Intra-Day Traders Assess Their Investments?

Traders and investors rely on technical analysis, market reports, news-driven stocks, and various other metrics to choose the right stocks for intra-day trading. It requires significant effort to conduct an extensive study and shortlist the best stocks for intra-day trading. Various platforms have tried to streamline and support online intra-day trading by making the assessment process more efficient.

One such platform that is a favorite amongst intra-day Traders is TradingView. Loaded with many features to make the user experience seamless, TradingView has managed to gain immense popularity among traders.

Why do Intra-Day Traders Love TradingView?

Some of the most trader-friendly utilities of Tradingview Charts Live  include:

  1. Simplified Interface

TradingView has made it easier for day traders to understand the market and make sound investment decisions. The platform is straightforward to navigate; traders do not have to spend much time determining how to use the platform.

  1. Everything on One Screen

You can access multiple charts at the same time on the screen. These charts can also be linked to resolutions and customized symbols to support your analysis. They help analyze stock performance through various time frames.

  1. Great for Beginners

TradingView provides in-depth insight into using charts as a part of your analysis. The technical analysis team helps beginners analyze and understand the markets or any particular stock. It also enables beginners to learn and gain knowledge through their community forum.

  1. Automatic Stock Indicator

With in-built features supporting automated technical analysis, you can instantly view the performance of various stocks and make your decisions efficiently. This feature helps traders save time as one need not study each indicator in depth. Instant indicators include technical analysis indicators, moving averages, and indicators of price and volume movements.

  1. Social Platform

TradingView is a leading social platform for exchanging trading ideas. All the active users of TradingView can share their charts and ideas through the chat feature and interact with each other. This feature is a great way to learn from other traders.

  1. Easily Accessible

TradingView is a global platform that can be accessed anywhere and from any device.

Final Thoughts

Intra-day trading can be a highly rewarding yet tiresome process. With the help of platforms like TradingView, intra-day Trading can become an efficient process for traders to maximize their returns through effective and seamless analysis.

However, the amount of research and technical analysis required to practice successful intra-day trading must be considered before one opts for it.

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