What Should Candidates Know about NEET Preparation?


Are you one of those candidates who are preparing for one of the most competitive and the most well-known medical entrance exams in India NEET?  Well, it is really commendable that you are tending towards attempting this test. It could be the game changing time of your life if you crack it. But yes, you have to work hard, have proper strategies for your neet preparation and do well.

If you really want to do good at this exam then this post could be really helpful for you. Well, the whole process of preparing and performing in this exam stays the same, study, remember, then practice, and even more practice! However, if you ask the people who have done really well in this exam in the previous years, they do concentrate on qualitative study instead of simply focusing on piling up the things. You have to be tactful in your prep and performance both.

Get familiar with the latest syllabus of the exam 

The NEET syllabus is quite vast and definitely the resources are countless. Make sure to cut down on any sort of surplus information and direct your concentration on important topics. The NEET exam includes the NCERT syllabus and even consolidating the NCERT topics surely pays off. In case you are thorough in the NCERT topics, you can save a lot of time as there are a plenty of coinciding topics in NEET and even NCERT syllabi. The time saved can get utilized to focus on more advanced topics.

High quality study material 

Choosing the right study material for NEET exam prep is quite important. Manuals from leading institutes are reliable resources. Moreover, take your teachers’ and even seniors’ guidance to choose the right type of study material. The significance of assimilating the NCERT syllabus cannot get exaggerated. Of course, if you have joined up a course or coaching class, you can be sure that they do provide you quality material to prepare. Of course, this way, you can be confident that you prepare in a proper and effective manner. The quality material will ensure that the efforts you are putting in to understand the material and implement it is worth it.

Practice every day 

Yes, it is important that you do learn new things daily and solve the different questions based on them mandatorily. Only learning and simply mugging-up facts is not really going to help you find out your preparation degrees. You need to solve questions (easy to medium to even difficult) regularly to actually find out if you have understood the concept or chapter or simply not. Further, make sure that you do a weekly and even monthly revision of the chapters you have simply covered. This way, you can simply brush-up the concepts without simply allowing the time lag build-up.

Concentrate on the NEET exam 

Yes, everyone knows that it is important to know the answer to the formula like (a+b)2. But, you know what, it nowhere mean that your exam is only going to have questions based on this. This means that you have to concentrate well on the level of the exam so as to simply crack it. Preparing for NEET demands a firm and proper grasp over the basics and an immersive understanding of all their applications. So, simply concentrate on the exam you are going to take, simply study the topics that get asked in it frequently, solve the different questions that match its level, and even keep on brushing-up your overall skills for targeted preparation. Of course, you cannot simply stay unfocussed.

Solving the previous year papers is a key to great performance 

Of course, nothing is there that can offer you an overall idea about the NEET exam, other than simply the exam itself. So, simply always solve the previous year question papers so as to have a better level of understanding of the exam and its level. This way, you are also be in a position to test whether your preparation is up to the mark or simply not.

The point is when you solve different year papers, you get to know about the pattern that the examiners have followed throughout the years. This way, you know or simply get an idea about what may be expected in the exam in the following exam. After all, sometimes, when you do go through different year papers, you don’t just get to know about the question types and the concepts that get set in the exam time and again; but you also acquire an understanding about the overall flavour of the paper that you may get to taste.

Create good notes for your exam 

Being a candidate, you should cultivate the habit of preparing meticulous and precise notes. These notes do aid learning and are of massive help while revision. It even aids to keep an error type of journal in which you get to record the mistakes that you are disposed to and your areas of weakness. It is going to help you tide over your overall shortcomings. Of course, once you have an idea about where you have to be stronger, what your weak points are and what to remember; you can prepare and perform well.

Create a customised & practical timetable for your NEET prep 

There are certain things that you need to be sure about when you prepare for neet exam and these are like:

  • You should create a feasible timetable and even stick to it with discipline.
  • Set a proper calendar and a diary
  • Make sure you set your priorities
  • Form up long study hours and take regular breaks to simply refresh your mind
  • Commit to your set schedule and even do not get distracted during the study time.
  • Don’t keep yourself deprived of sleep 

This way, you can be sure that you are keeping your prep for this test effective and powerful.


To sum up, apart from keeping in mind whatever the post imparted to you, make sure you do join up one of the neet admission courses to ensure you prepare well and have no doubts or any type of intimidations. The expert trainers in the courses can help you understand the concepts better and stay confident about your prep and performance.

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