What to do if you can’t calm down before an interview


Waiting is no less unnerving than preparing for an interview. It remains to remain calm and in front of the office. And if you still do not have such a reason for stress, but you would like to have it, and also want to find a job abroad. I suggest you look there are some simple actions that can calm you down a bit before the interview itself:

 Don’t Forget About Breathing

This is something we do unconsciously all our lives, but also something we can forget about in stressful situations. You may haven’t known, but proper breathing can help you deal with a lot of stress. Before entering the interviewer’s office, take some time to get your pulse back to normal. This can be done with one simple breathing exercise – inhale air slowly through your nose for about three seconds, and then slowly exhale it through your mouth for about five seconds. This should be done at least three times, and don’t forget that your breathing should be deep. It’s amazing, but it really can be very soothing.

 Take a walk before the interview if possible.

The main thing is to correctly calculate the time for this, since being late for an interview is bad, and you need to try very hard to prevent this from happening. On the contrary, it’s better to come in advance and put yourself in order, emotionally and physically. Fresh air as well as some breathing training will help you recover and clear your head of unnecessary thoughts.

 Talk to important for you people

Discuss your possible future job interview with someone who cares about you. Perhaps this person will be able to tell you something from their experience, support you and listen to your fears. A good conversation with a good person can cheer you up and motivate you to perform feats. Perhaps during the conversation, ask this person something that can help you with introspection.

 Plan a consolation prize for yourself after the interview

Regardless of whether it will be a consolation prize after an unsuccessful interview, or the prize of the winner who received the position. Either way, the interview is a test, and you deserve something nice. Even if you’re rejected, you’ve spent a lot of time and effort to get to the interview. And even the fact that you’re selected from a multitude of candidates for an interview is already important, and means a lot. In any case, do not hesitate to please yourself with something pleasant.

 Remember it’s just a conversation

Yes, it’s important. Yes, it decides your life. But it’s still just a conversation with an ordinary mortal person like you, who’s just wondering if you’re a good fit for this job or if they should look for someone else. There’s nothing wrong with that, and even if you’re rejected in this place, you’ll be confirmed in another. The main thing is to believe in yourself and in your success, and do everything in your power to achieve it.


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