5 Hot and Sexy Sonia Singh Rajput Web Series You Should Watch Alone


Sonia Singh Rajput was a designer who shot into fame with her hot and bold portrayals on the OTT platforms. From her earlier profession where she carved a niche for herself, she looks equally proficient in her latest avatar as a bold actress. Her mature portrayal of different roles besides being bold also brings out the hidden psyche of a woman who has been long suppressed but suddenly finds an outlet for her hidden desires.  Here we check out five of her boldest portrayals in the different Sonia Singh Rajput Web series.

Best Sonia Singh Rajput Web Series

1. Saree Ki Dukaan

A shopkeeper and a group of beautiful girls get a chance meeting and all hell breaks free. The shopkeeper started to fantasize about the girls and every meeting between the girls and the shopkeeper turns out to become a hot encounter. Rest is left to imagine and if you love such kind of stories ‘Saree Ki Dukaan’ is for you.  

The cast of the series includes Sonia Singh Rajput – as – Renu Bhabhi, Arohi Barde – as – Dolly, Allauddin Shaikh – as – Golu, Prashant Mishra – as – Sachin, Manohar Telli – as – Dheeraj Pande, and Alisha Narone – as – Sunita. All the actress has worked in several OTT series and is well-known name and command huge followings.

2. Sundra Bhabhi Season 5

The series is being screened on the Cinema Dosti app and is the fifth edition of the hugely popular series. The story is quite bold and is related to the rural background. The language is rural, and rustic, and has an overdose of strong words. The cast of Sundra Bhabhi includes Neha Patil and Sonia Singh Rajput

3. Jism

Another new entrant into the OTT Circuit, Kiwi TV has released this extremely raunchy and sleazy web series; ‘Jism’ which features Sonia Singh Rajput, Mishti Basu, and Shakespeare. All the actors are well-known and have worked in multiple web episodes, and music videos, including films.

4. Kalank

Gupchup OTT platform has become very popular in the last few months and the series ‘Kalank’ is creating waves due to its bold content. The series is very popular among youngsters.  The story of the series is very bold and features Sonia Singh Rajput, Prashant, and Gaurav Singh. A chance hearing of the sexual banter between her colleagues makes a married woman horny and she started to fantasize and tries to bring more spice into her life. The series features Priyanka Upadhyay, Sonia Singh Rajput, Prashant, and Gaurav Singh.


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