6 Must-Watch Jinnie Jazz Web Series To Stream Alone


Jinnie Jazz has become a household name and features in most of the adult series; which are being aired on the OTT platforms like Ullu, Kooku, Big Movie Zoo, and several others. With the OTT platform, the adult entertainment industry in India has finally gained notoroiry and the content is now available at a very affordable price. Let’s check out the 7 best Jinnie Jazz series which are being aired on the OTT platforms.

Best Jinnie Jazz Web Series

1. Rikshawala – Ullu

Rikshawala - Jinnie Jazz web series

This Jinnie Jazz web series with sex and sleaze is an overdose. The series features Manavi Chugh and Jinnie Jazz in prominent roles. Both have already displayed their charms in ullu’s other web series like, Charmsukh, which had viewers squirming in their pants and Rikshawala Web Series is touted to be even bolder.

The story is simple and revolves around the sibling rivalry of two sisters. The elder sister disapproved of the younger sister’s sex escapades with a boy.

2. Charmsukh Jaane Anjane Mein – Part 6 – Ullu

Charmsukh Jaane anjane mein

‘Charmsukh Jaane Anjane Me 6’ is being awaited eagerly. The earlier episodes were very bold and touched on different aspects of kinky sex, often letting the imagination run wild to levels unprecedented. Viewers are hoping to see even more imaginative scenes in the upcoming series. The series will feature Jinnie Jazz doing a romance with Dev Dehman, Anmol Jain, and Gaurav Singh.

JINNIE JAZZ carried the earlier Charamsukh episodes on her shoulders and has now become a household name in the OTT circuit and features in almost every erotic series.

3. Love Guru – Ullu

Love guru - ullu

Love Guru as the name makes it amply clear revolves around a Lollita-like relationship between a young girl and a middle-aged man. The young girl is not impressed and to woo her the elder man starts taking lessons from a Love Guru and things start to work. Apart from Jinnie Jazz, another lead actress is Muskaan Agarwal.  

4. Charmsukh Aate Ki Chakki – Ullu

A doting father gifts his daughter with a pulsating wheat grinder but she finds better use of it. The series again features the sleaze queen Jinnie Jazz along with Muskaan Agrawal.

5. Gup Chup NRI Client – Big Movie Zoo app

A nymphomaniac who is insatiable and hunts for young boys to fulfill her cravings. The series is being released on the Big Movie Zoo app, another adult OTT platform. The series is directed by SSK who has now become the favorite director for such bold and sleaze-based themes. The series features OTT sex goddesses Jinnie Jazz and the other one is Leena Singh.  Both the actresses are really stunning and talented.

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