Halala Web Series on Ullu: This Shafaq Naaz Starrer Is A Must-Watch


“Halala” is a Hindi web series produced by the Indian streaming platform Ullu. The series explores the sensitive and controversial topic of halala marriage, a practice in which a divorced Muslim woman is required to marry another man and consummate the marriage before she can remarry her ex-husband.

The story of the ullu web series, Halala

The story revolves around Afza and Rahil, a young Muslim couple who get married after falling in love. However, their marriage falls apart due to Rahil’s insecurities and mistrust. Eventually, Rahil divorces Afza in a fit of anger, leaving her devastated.

Afza’s family suggests that she perform halala by marrying and consummating her marriage with another man before remarrying Rahil. This leads her to a matchmaking service run by a woman named Shabnam, who arranges for her to marry a man named Sarim.

As Afza goes through the halala process, she struggles with the emotional turmoil of having to sleep with a stranger and the guilt of going against her true feelings for Rahil. Meanwhile, Rahil realizes his mistake and tries to win Afza back.

The series features powerful performances by its lead actors, Shafaq Naaz and Ravi Bhatia, who bring depth and complexity to their characters. The show also explores the social and cultural issues surrounding halala and the impact it has on women and their rights.

Overall, “Halala” is a thought-provoking and emotional series that tackles a controversial topic with sensitivity and nuance. While the show has received criticism for its portrayal of halala, it has also sparked important conversations about the practice and its impact on women’s lives. Viewers should note that the show contains mature themes and may not be suitable for younger audiences.

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