Laal Lihaaf Web Series on Ullu – A Unique Take on Same-Sex Love Stories


“Laal Lihaaf” is an Indian web series produced by Ullu, a streaming platform that specializes in adult content. The series is a romantic drama that explores the complexities of love, desire, and relationships. The series consists of a total of four episodes, each with an average duration of 30 minutes.

The story of the ullu web series, Laal Lihaaf

The series revolves around a young woman named Kusum (played by Sneha Paul) who is married to a wealthy businessman named Ronit (played by Alishmita Goswami). Kusum and Ronit’s marriage is strained, as Ronit’s mother does not approve of Kusum and believes that she is not worthy of her son. Kusum feels neglected and ignored by her husband and longs for his love and attention.

Kusum finds solace in her friendship with her childhood friend Rani (played by Shalini Sahay), who is also Ronit’s younger sister. As Kusum spends more time with Rani, she realizes that she is attracted to her and they start a secret romantic relationship. Their relationship becomes even more complicated when Kusum receives a red blanket (Laal Lihaaf) from an unknown source, which becomes a symbol of their love and desire for each other.

The series deals with themes of love, desire, jealousy, and betrayal. Kusum’s relationship with Rani is a source of conflict for both Ronit and his mother, who are suspicious of their closeness. The red blanket becomes a symbol of their love and also a source of intrigue, as Kusum tries to discover who sent it to her and what it means.

Laal Lihaaf web series cast

The performances by the cast are impressive, particularly Sneha Paul and Shalini Sahay, who have excellent chemistry on screen. The direction by Jasbir Bhati is good, and the soundtrack by Ankit Shah is fitting for the series.

Overall, “Laal Lihaaf” is a bold and engaging web series that explores complex themes and relationships. While it may not be suitable for all audiences due to its mature content, it is worth watching for its unique perspective and engaging storytelling.


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