Mahesh Babu Birthday: Mahesh Babu @46th Birthday Special.


Regardless of the other fields, the king of the glamor field is the ones who go back in age. No matter how old you are .. what you want to see is that Babu Anettuga should look like a new Cupid. The more youthful you look, the more craze, the following motto. In this case, Mahesh Babu is the same as Puttada Anettu with the gift of going back in age. Mahesh Babu is a bit exaggerated. No matter how much is said about age and beauty, there is still something left. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.

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Mahesh Babu. The intoxication and vibrations in that name are touching the heart of girls. What is Babu? This is Babu. That smile. If you don’t like that look, you can count on your fingers Sumi.

Superstar Mahesh Babu, who entered the industry as the successor of Natasekhar, entered as a ‘prince’ and emerged as a ‘prince’. He became a superstar on the throne of the Tollywood industry by becoming the ‘soldier’ ​​who shook the box office by showing his ‘Khaleja’ with ‘Pokiri’ without stopping his ‘aggression’ to face that ‘one’.

Instead of being an occasional ‘guest’ .. become a ‘businessman’ .. ‘1 is like me’ and ‘Spider’ is like a man .. ‘Seetamma Wakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’ Virajille ‘He’ This Tollywood ‘rich’ .. ‘Bharat I Mahesh Babu’s fans are celebrating his birthday as ‘Brahmotsavam’ after he shook the industry with ‘Maharshi’ and looked like ‘Sarileru Nikevvaru’. A thousand eyes are waiting for the upcoming movie ‘Government is their song’.

Mahesh Babu started his hunt for the Nanda Award with his first film ‘Rajkumarudu’. Currently, Mahesh Babu is acting in the movie ‘Sarkari Vari Pata’ directed by Parashuram. The film is set to release on January 13 as a 2022 wallpaper gift.

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