Riti Riwaj – Water Wives Web Series On Ullu: The Sensual Scenes In This Erotic Show Will Leave You Stunned


Riti Riwaj – Water Wives” is an Indian web series produced by ULLU. The series revolves around a village in which there is a tradition of men having multiple wives due to the scarcity of water. The story follows a man named Shankar who is married to three women and is struggling to provide for them due to the lack of resources. The women, on the other hand, are also unhappy with their situation and decide to take matters into their own hands.

The story of the ullu web series, Riti Riwaj – Water Wives

The series portrays the issue of polygamy and how it affects the lives of women who are forced to live in such a setup. It sheds light on the patriarchal mindset prevalent in some societies where women are considered as mere objects to fulfill the desires of men.

The series has faced criticism for its portrayal of women and its normalization of polygamy. The depiction of women as mere objects of desire rather than individuals with their own agency has been criticized. The show has also been criticized for promoting a regressive mindset that allows men to have multiple wives.

In conclusion, “Riti Riwaj – Water Wives” is a controversial series that portrays the issue of polygamy and its impact on women. It is a sensitive issue that needs to be addressed in a responsible manner, and the series has received mixed reactions for its handling of the subject.


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