Spotlighting female Indian cricket team: The most awaited news


Treating the game of cricket as a magnificent sport and the players as legendary athletes is the specialty of India. Any cricket news in the country is easy to get spotlight without any doubt. Diverting the attention of the fans from anywhere towards the female game of cricket is a basic necessity for a female national cricket team. Attaining gaining the spotlight always works in the respective direction. 

This time the event will be magnificent. The most awaited moment of hosting the female cricket world cup in India is approaching. Though cricket has emerged to be an attractive career option in past years, these cricket team in the country has been facing some problems/issues. The female cricket players and their game was not appreciated and popularized as compared to the male cricket players. 

But at present, things are expected to change as India has claimed the bid for hosting the 2025 Women’s cricket world cup in India. Till now, the male players in the sport gained the emotional and moral attention of the fans. But no such emotion of fans was associated with the female players. 

The news of India hosting the 2025 World Cup may turn the tables down. Hopefully, the female players and the Nations Pride may get the respect they deserve. Fame and name are the desired dreams of everyone.

Problems tackled by the female cricket team.

Here are a few problems faced by female players associated with the respective sport.

  • Past disparities that posed a challenge to the female cricket team

While male players have showcased their potential and masculine features in past times concerning the sport, there was a total exclusion for the female section. Henceforth, male players always gain favors as the ongoing trend continued for decades. For bringing equilibrium in all game training modes, equipment and facilities play a vital role. Female cricket was equivalent to a non-existing sport even in recent times. But currently, things have been transformed as well as Indian women’s cricket associations are gaining popularity and significance in the world. 

  • Negligence towards the game meant lacking resources and, resultantly, less audience.

With no publicity and support facilities, the associations found it tough to get even though sponsors would invest in their pieces of training, etc., by financing the associations. As a result, attracting new spectators to the sport who would support the players morally instilling confidence in them. But in the current situation, the appropriate advertising and support have brought about drastic changes in promoting the game on all platforms. Today even non-cricket fans know about the dates and the details of the female cricket matches. The availability of media, that is, print and social modes, has made it easy to advertise and broadcast the details of the same. Just like the news of India hosting the women’s cricket world cup has been welcomed with great enthusiasm and interest.

  • Transformation of mentality

During past times things were patriarchal, and the mentality of the people worked accordingly. The male section of the society was only allowed to dream of being a cricketer, but now a huge transformation of the mindset has taken place. The female players have got benefited from the changed mindset in 2017. This year was seen as a milestone in women’s cricket as the Indian team entered the finals of the respective world cup. The event was held at lords with a huge troop of spectators present to witness the event. 

The more opportunities, resources, experience, training facilities, etc., are enhanced, the better the results. Instead, the Indian female players have emerged as tigresses on the ground. 

Now the news is to be prouder as the country has been recognized at the international forefront. 

  • The lack of spotlighting women’s cricket teams has been an active issue.

The lack of spotlight, fame, appreciation, etc., has worked negatively in demotivating the players and making them lack confidence. Demoralizing their efforts is another feature that was not a career option for many girls. But now, the introduction of new modes and amenities and the additional recognition of the sport at the international forefront have worked well to change the scenario. Now more female players work hard to play for the nation and are claiming to be successful in the same.

The Indian female cricket team is an inspiration for many young ladies in the country. There is no denying the fact that the team has worked wonders in the past few years. With the news highlighted here, things are accepted to take more positive turns in enhancing the quality and value of female cricket.

The news of this sport cannot escape anyone’s eyes. The perfect approach to the game and the news relating to the same, like IPL matches, odis, test cricket, and even the player’s personal life, gives the media the perfect spice for gaining attention towards the news. 

Highlighted news

Claiming the eligibility to host the women’s cricket world cup in India is an achievement in itself. The conventional structure of the championship specifies that a maximum of 8 teams participate in the tournament. Up till now, 11 World cups have been hosted in five nations. The glorious news of India hosting the next world cup has brought tried and glory to the nation. 

This proud moment for India has encouraged female participation in the respective game. Moreover, it symbolizes the growing steps of women in terms of leading the nation internationally. This can be a spirit of motivation to the other pursuing players that the hard work always works well and returns you the best favors. The event is seen as a milestone in replenishing the position of women’s cricket across the country. 

Winding up it can be set that everyone is excited to watch the upcoming event with full excitement and enthusiasm equivalent to the male cricket matches. Women’s cricket is proving to be a worthy career for the players and full entertainment for the spectators. The diverted attention of the media towards the sport has worked wonders for the benefit of the game.

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