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Sure bets are a type of betting where you place bets on different outcomes with several bookmakers. These bets are mathematically calculated and can be profitable if they are placed correctly.

However, these bets are not advisable for novice punters as they require extensive research and time. They also put punters at risk of identity theft and hacking.


Surebets, also known as arbs, are a type of sports betting that allows bettors to make a guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome. This is done by taking advantage of discrepancies in the varying odds given across different bookmakers on a single event. In order to be successful with surebets, it is important to become familiar with researching and tracking odds as well as being able to identify surebet opportunities quickly. Surebetting requires patience and discipline but can be an incredibly lucrative endeavor if done correctly.


BetBurger is an online service that scans odds from over 100 bookmakers for sure bets and value bets. It does this in an incredibly efficient manner, meaning you don’t have to spend your time manually scouring odds at different sportsbooks.

The software is easy to use and comes with plenty of helpful features, including an arb helper extension that makes it easier to find the right bets for your needs. It also protects your browser activity from being tracked by any bookmakers, which is a great feature for people who want to keep their bets private and untraceable.

Another useful feature of BetBurger is that it has a calculator to help you make the best bets. You can choose the amount you wish to bet and it will display the odds you’ll win if you place the bet. Then, you can refresh the odds and change the amounts.

It also lets you customize the odds to your own needs. This can be a great way to get the most out of your arbitrage betting, and it’s an excellent feature for newcomers.

This service also has a free trial available for people who’d like to try it out before they commit any money. It is a bit pricey though, and this might put some people off, especially when you factor in the amount of work it takes to use it properly.

However, it does come with a lot of value, and it’s definitely worth the price. It’s easy to get started and has a community of users that can offer advice. It’s also a great place to learn how to make the most of arbitrage betting, so it’s worth checking out their blog and forums.

The software is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, and it’s easy to see why it is rated highly among reviewers. It’s a good tool for anyone who wants to take their sports betting to the next level, and it’s well worth the investment. But it’s important to remember that it takes some time to recover your investment, so it’s not a system for everyone.


RebelBetting is a software-based tool that scans and analyzes betting odds between over 80 bookmakers to find profitable sure bets, arbitrage bets, and value bets. It also provides tools to calculate your potential profits, track your bets, and manage your bankroll.

The software is available for desktop computers and mobile devices and can be downloaded or accessed via a browser. It supports a variety of bookmakers and currencies, including the Euro.

Its free version includes a limited amount of bets, while the paid version offers a more extensive list of bets and higher arbitrage percentages. The paid version is a great choice for those who want to make a profit quickly and easily.

Aside from its powerful features, RebelBetting has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. It also has a variety of helpful tutorials, guides, and other tools to help you find and profit from arbitrage opportunities.

Using the software, you can set up alerts that will notify you when there are sure bets. You can choose whether you want to be notified visually or audibly, and you can configure the software to run in the background.

Another useful feature of RebelBetting is the ability to log your bets. You can do this by clicking the BetTracker button from the home screen. The software will then keep a log of your bets and update it as soon as you place a winning bet.

You can also view your logged bets and any profit made at any time by clicking the BetTracker icon. This is a very convenient feature and allows you to see how far you’ve come with the software.

Finally, there’s a stake control panel where you can input the total amount of money you want to bet. You can also choose to round your bets up to the nearest whole number. This is an important feature to use because it will reduce the chances of being detected and having your bets canceled by a bookmaker.

The company claims to have helped over 100,000 customers in over 120 countries and has been online since 2008. It has a 14-day free trial and a profit guarantee. Moreover, it offers a free second month if you do not make any profit during the first one.


The sports betting industry is a global market, with many countries in Europe and Asia legalizing the practice. There are a number of different ways to place wagers on sports, including online, offline, and in person.

The best sports betting sites will have a range of options for betting on any sporting event, as well as offering attractive odds and bonuses. They should also be easy to use and offer a great user experience. They should also be licensed and have a good reputation for protecting customer information.

Another thing to consider when choosing a betting site is its range of deposit and withdrawal methods. Some sportsbooks are limited to specific payment methods, and this can make them unsuitable for certain players. In addition, some sites may change their deposit and withdrawal limits based on the region you are in, so it is worth checking this out before you make a decision.

It is also important to check the quality of customer service offered by sports betting websites. The best ones have experienced and knowledgeable customer service representatives that are ready to help you with any questions or problems that you may encounter. They should be able to answer questions in a polite and friendly manner, and they should be available around the clock.

Some online betting sites will let you bet on games up to a certain point of the game, while others will only allow you to bet until the final quarter. This gives you more time to research and make your wagers.

One of the most popular ways to bet on a sporting event is by placing a bet on futures. These are wagers that predict the outcome of an event, such as a soccer match or an NFL game. Unlike traditional bets, which involve wagering on a team winning or losing a single game, futures bets are much more complicated and can yield significant returns if the forecast is correct.

For example, if you bet on the Super Bowl, there are many bets available on futures. These can include wagers on the total number of points scored by the teams, or even a team’s performance in certain individual stats.


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