Top 10 Hot and Sexy Ullu Web Series To Enjoy Alone (2023)


Ullu Web Series is a collection of adult content available on the Ullu app. The app is a subscription-based video-on-demand platform that offers a variety of web series, short films, and documentaries in multiple Indian languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, and others. The content on the platform ranges from drama to thriller, horror, romance, and more, with an emphasis on adult-oriented themes.

Let’s countdown 10 of the best ullu web series which you can binge-watch alone this weekend-

Best Ullu Web Series

1. Charmsukh – This series explores the story of various characters who get involved in unconventional and risque situations. It has multiple seasons and has been a fan favorite.

2. Riti Riwaj – This series explores the traditional customs and rituals of various communities and how they impact relationships and individuals. It has also been well-received by audiences.

3. Kavita Bhabhi – This ullu web series revolves around the story of a woman who explores her sexuality and desires in a conservative society. It has been popular for its bold themes.

4. Gandii Baat – While not an Ullu original, it is available on the platform and has gained a significant following for its erotic content and unconventional storylines.

5. Ishq Kills – This series explores the dark side of love and relationships and the consequences of obsession and infidelity.

6. Kasak – This series follows the story of a woman who gets involved in an extra-marital affair and the complications that arise.

7. Panchali – This ullu web series explores the story of a woman who gets married to five brothers and how their relationship evolves over time.

8. Halala – This series follows the story of a woman who has to marry another man to get back with her ex-husband after getting divorced.

9. Khul Ja Sim Sim – This series explores the story of a couple who participates in a game show where they have to fulfill each other’s fantasies.

10. Size Matters – This series explores the story of a woman who is not satisfied with her husband’s size and seeks satisfaction elsewhere.


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