Top 4 Aliya Naaz Web Series To Binge-Watch Only If You’re Alone At Home


Aliya Naaz is another actress of the burgeoning OTT platforms who is getting more and more popularity. The 24 years old actress created waves for her bold portrayal in the TV series ‘Savitri Devi Hospital & College’. She is a regular feature in OTT platforms like ‘CinePrime’, ‘Ullu’, ‘Voovi’, and ‘Kooku’. Let us check some of the top Aliya Naaz web series.

Best Aliya Naaz Web Series

1. Kaam Purush

For the Indian Audience, there are many serials that are coming on OTT platforms that will enchant your mind. The latest in this deluge is “Kaam Purush” which is being aired on the Digital streaming platform Prime Shots. The serial feature Aliya Naaz, Shyna Khatri, and Pihu Sharma. All three lasses have already had the audience squirming in their seats with their bold portrayal of different roles. The audience will be in for a treat with all three dames featured in one serial.

2. Ullu’s Takk Part 2

After the runaway success of TAKK Part 1 the ULLU OTT platform is bringing forth the second iteration of this popular series. The rushes of the series reveal that it features Aliya Naaz along with Ruks Khandagale, Ambika Shukla, Hemant Chaudhary, and Manisha Jain.

In the first iteration, it was revealed that the protagonist, a handsome hunk is the connoisseur of the women in the rich and wealthy circles. The guy takes full advantage and gets into multiple relationships.

The second iteration sees the protagonist lose his confidence and is faced multiple challenges.

3. ATM Bhabhi

ATM Bhabhi has been released on the OTT platform Voovi app. This series also features some of the most prominent actresses in the OTT circles and includes Aliya Naaz, Neha Gupta, and Noor Malabika. All the actresses are splendid. The serial also features Deepak Raj, Gaurav Singh, Pooja Sinha, Akshar, and many others.

Aliya Naaz is already a well-known actress and a star in her own right on the OTT circle. The story revolves around the escapades of Maina (Aliya Naaz) who is in a torrid relationship with a number of young boys.

4. Andha Dhundh 2

Another new and hot serial is being beamed on the Prime Shots OTT platform and once again Aliya Naaz steals the show. She has become a star on the OTT circle and is a compulsory component in any serial. The makers of the serial have not revealed the storyline but it is only for adult audiences.


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