Top 5 Korean Drama Series Dubbed in Hindi: Must-Watch Series for Indian Fans!


Korean dramas are not just web series, they have gradually become our comfort shows. Where we like to curl up in bed with hot chocolate and a crunchy corndog and enjoy watching romantic or chilly horror Korean dramas. But if you hate reading the subtitles while watching it, there’s a solution for you, check out our list of 5 best Korean Drama Series Dubbed in Hindi to binge-watch and enjoy!

5 Korean Drama Series Dubbed in Hindi:

1. ‘Sketch’

Learn about a mystical mystery and experience an action-packed Korean drama. Follow the progress of a detective as he takes part in a mission to identify the murderer after sacrificing his wife in a murder investigation. As you go off on this exhilarating new adventure, be prepared for unforeseen turns in the story and intriguing revelations.

2. ‘Revenge of Others’

This Korean drama series dubbed in Hindi focuses on a murder mystery, notably the murder of the lead character’s twin brother. Uncertainty regarding the cause of death raises the possibility that either suicide or murder occurred. Investigations are the only way to discover the truth.

3. ‘BigMouth’

“Big Mouth,” a crime-filled thriller with an unresolved case of emergency, is a must-watch if you appreciate solid thriller and legal criminal films or series. This Korean drama’s suspenseful narrative and sophisticated plotline will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t pass up watching this thrilling series!

4. ‘Crazy Love’

The romantic comedy “Crazy Love” will have you in fits of laughter. This Korean drama’s fascinating and eye-catching teaser will grab your attention. The concept that being in love might be wild is explored in the show, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace your own eccentricities and unique characteristics. The joy and fun that “Crazy Love” offers its viewers are not to be missed!


5. ‘Listen to Love’

The drama “Listen to Love” provides a tale that illustrates how relationship uncertainties may be toxic. The protagonist is a spouse who believes his wife is being unethical. Is she expressing the truth, or is he just making the worst possible assumption? Whether the narrative has a happy ending or develops into a love mystery depends on how this enigma is solved.


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