What Each Poker Hand Means | A-List of Poker Hands and What They Mean


For people who are new to poker and want a quick rundown of the differentPoker hands and what they mean, here is a information of poker hands and what they stand for.

What do the hands in poker mean?

This list of poker hand definitions goes from the worst 5-card hand to the best.

#10: In poker, what is a “High Card hand”?

If a player doesn’t have any of the poker hands listed below, their highest card is taken into account. From least to most valuable, the cards in a suit go 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A.

The chances of getting one of these cards are close to 50/50.

  •  In poker, what is ONE PAIR?

If two of the five cards in your hand are the same rank, you have a pair. You have a 1 in 1.37 chance of getting this hand, which means it’s easy to get.

  •  In poker, what are TWO PAIRS?

In keeping with the name, it’s best to have 2 kinds rather than one. Two pairs are formed when your five cards include two sets of cards with the same value. You have a one in twenty chance of getting this card.

  •  In poker, what does THREE OF A KIND mean?

Three of a kind comes next. You have three cards with the same rank in this hand of five. The other two cards do not have the same rank. One out of every 46.3 times, you can get this card.

  •  In poker, what does STRAIGHT mean?

Straight is the hand that is in the sixth spot. This has 5 cards in order that are not all the same suit. One out of every 254 times, you can get this hand.

  •  In poker, what does FLUSH mean?

If all of your cards are the same suit, you have a flush. There is no order to the cards. Only one out of every 508 times will you get a hand like this.

  •  In poker, what does FULL HOUSE mean?

When you have a full house, you have three cards of the same rank and two more cards that are also the same rank. One out of 693 times, you can get this card.

  •  In poker, what does “FOUR OF A KIND” mean?

Four of your five best cards in this hand are the same rank. This hand can only come up once out of every 4,165 times.

  •  In poker, what is a STRAIGHT FLUSH?

A straight flush is when your first 5 cards are all the same suit and are in order. This hand can be played 72,192 times.

  • What does “ROYAL FLUSH” mean in poker?

The finest possible hand is a royal flush, as its name implies. You get a royal flush if you match the Aces, King, Queens, Jack, and Ten. It’s exceedingly difficult to acquire this hand. This hand has a one in 649,740 chance of being drawn.

This was important information about how poker hands in Online poker tournaments are ranked.


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