5 Mistakes You Must Avoid While Investing In Stocks


Investing in stocks is a wise financial action. However, without proper knowledge of where to invest, one can end up making mistakes. Proper investment is not just about selecting the right stocks; it’s a lot more than that – in fact, there are errors that an investor must avoid making when choosing which stocks to invest in. 

Here are 5 common mistakes investors make when investing in stocks – and how you can avoid them:

  • Understand your Company Well

Prior to investing in stocks, try to become aware of the company’s business model. Only once you understand its stock should you go ahead. You will often get attracted to industries where stocks are selling hotly, but do not let yourself fall into that trap because you might not know enough about those stocks to make informed decisions. Do not make the mistake of gravitating towards stocks that are soaring, without having the knowledge behind why this is happening. Follow a proper asset allocation to create a diversified portfolio.

  • Use your Mind, not your Heart

Remember, investment in stocks needs to be done in a thorough manner – logically and not emotionally. When you start purchasing stocks emotionally, it becomes challenging for you to sell them at the right time. Buy stocks to make money and consider selling them if you see a sound change in numbers.

  • Don’t Expect too Much

Many investors who invest in penny stocks, think of them like lottery tickets. However, what most investors fail to take into account is that they should not expect that their Rs. 5 stock converts into Rs. 100 stock overnight. It could happen at times, but it isn’t the norm. Have realistic expectations based on your study of a stock’s overall performance when making an investment. 

  • Be Patient

When making investments, remember patience is key. Sometimes it can take months for a business to come up with new strategies, which can make its stocks skyrocket, making it time-consuming for investors to expect results. 

  • Looking for the Stocks to be Even

Waiting for stocks to get even is another common mistake that many investors make when investing in stocks. When you wait for stocks to get even, you tend to forget that you are accumulating more loss on your stock. Drop your stocks if you find that they are not fetching you the results you had hoped for. 


Before investing your money in stocks on an investment platform, derive knowledge about the stocks, develop a plan of action, and create a diversified portfolio. It is good to invest, but it is better to have knowledge about the investment. 


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