Can We Eliminate Brokerage Charges to Increase Profit


If you are a stock investor who buys and sells stocks, you have probably noticed your brokerage charges eating into your profit. It is known that brokerage charges are likely killing your stock profits, but it is possible to reduce those fees. 

You may have gotten tired of paying hefty brokerage charges for trading stocks and mutual funds. There could also be a scenario when you do not require their assistance. That is one of the primary reasons online brokers have gained wide popularity amongst investors.

This article will help you look at ways you can reduce brokerage charges and enjoy better profits from your investments.

What are brokerage charges?

A brokerage fee is charged by your investment firm when you buy, sell, or hold investments. It is their charge for handling transactions and services like providing access to your account and helping you make smart investment choices.

You can choose from a variety of brokerages that manage trades of different types of securities, like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and others. Your decision will depend on the fees that are best for you.

For example, if you buy security through your account, your brokerage will send you a confirmation that includes how much the trade cost. This includes the buying cost of the security and the fee associated with the transaction. When choosing a broker, ensure you understand the types of the fee they may charge. 

Tips to Reduce brokerage charges

Selecting a discount broker over one that provides full service can save you money on brokerage charges. However, doing so will require you to become knowledgeable about the market. It takes time and effort to be fluent with everything related to trading.

You should consider your current financial situation and the financial goals you wish to accomplish. You can do it before deciding whether reducing brokerage charges and taking advantage of less traditional brokerage is a viable option. You can reduce these fees by the following methods.

  • Choose exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

If you want to invest in the stock market but do not have much experience, the best option is to buy exchange-traded funds. They have lower expense ratios compared to mutual funds. ETFs are a good option for those with limited investment and market experience.

  • Understand front and back-end charges

Some stocks ask for commissions when you purchase them. Similarly, you might have to pay some charges when you redeem stocks. Keep these things in mind to reduce your expenses.

  • Research well

Online brokerages like Choice India are redefining the trading experience for everyone. The trading platform is better than traditional brokers, which may not always have transparent systems. You can also expect some of the lowest brokerage charges on offer.

  • Understand intraday and delivery charges

Intraday trading charges are for stocks that you buy and sell on the same day. These may not be much, but they still cost you some money. If you hold stocks for a longer duration, you will have to pay delivery charges.

  • AMC charges

You can look for brokers that do not have annual maintenance charges. Or even if they do, look for options with the lowest amount.

  • Understand hidden charges

Hidden charges will always take you by surprise by eating up your profits. It is best to research well and understand various types of charges levied by brokers. Look for hidden charges that may not be visible upfront.


It’s easy to think of an investment as a straightforward, singular choice like you buy 50 shares in Company X. It doesn’t work that way. Your investment in Company X will have real costs, not just the opportunity costs of choosing an asset. These are losses that affect your investments directly.

Investors often overlook critical investment costs due to confusing fine print or jargon. To make investing decisions, understand the different costs associated with trading. You will ultimately get better returns on your investments.

If you are looking to get started with the share market, consider opening an online brokerage account with Choice India today.


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