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Corona’s new record, 3.52 lakh new cases in last 24 Hrs, 16 lakh cases in last 5 days

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The second wave of Coronavirus in India is creating new records every day. According to the Health Ministry, 3,52,991 new corona case cases have been reported in India in the last 24 hours. At the same time, 2,812 people have lost their lives due to Coronavirus. In this way, there have been about 16 lakh case reports in the country in the last five days. Now, active cases have crossed 28 lakhs in the country.

  • New Corona Cases – 3,52,991
  • Deaths in 24 hours – 2,812
  • Total Deaths – 1,95,123
  • Active Case – 28,13,658
  • Total cases – 1,73,13,163
  • Total Recovery – 1,43,04,382
  • Total Vaccination – 14,19,11,223

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16 lakh new corona cases in 5 days

This is the fifth consecutive day when the Daily Corona case has crossed the 3 lakh mark. In the last four days, there has been 3.48 lakh, 3.45 lakh, 3.32 lakh, 3.15 lakh corona case reports in the country. In this way, if we take today’s cases also, then in the last five days, there have been about 16 lakh case reports in the country.

The whole world is extending a hand to help India

In this time of crisis, many countries of the world have put forth a hand to help India. Many countries like America, France, Germany, Australia, Britain and Pakistan have assured India of help like oxygen, ventilators, vaccines.

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