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Less than 4 lakh new cases for the second consecutive day, active cases cross 37 lakhs

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On May 11, 3,29,942 new Covid cases have been reported in India and 3,876 people have lost their lives due to Coronavirus. The number of active cases has now crossed 37 lakhs in the country. On May 10, 3,66,161 new Corona cases were reported in India and 3,754 people died.

New Case – 3,29,942

New deaths- 3,876

Recovery – 3,56,082

Total Cases: 2,29,92,517

Total Recovery: 1,90,27,304

Total deaths: 2,49,992

Active Case: 37,15,221

Last Days Daily Covid Case

10 May: 3,66,161

May 9: 4,03,738

May 8: 4,01,078

May 7: 4,14,188

May 6: 4,12,262

May 5: 3,82,315

May 5: 3,82,315

Are we near the peak of the second wave?

According to Professor M. Vidyasagar of IIT Hyderabad, who is chairing the Kovid-19 Indian National Supermodel Committee, the transition graph’s peak should go till 7 May or more than 15 days (starting from 6 May).

However, even after the passing of May 7, the pace of infection continues steadily. Even before this committee said that the estimate of the peak of the second wave has been proved wrong when it said that the peak of the second wave of Covid will go up to 1.2 lakh cases, while currently, more than four lakh cases are coming up every day. Huh.

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