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Two PFI members arrested in Lucknow for explosives, Hinduist leaders were on target

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Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh) police have foiled a major conspiracy. UP Police has arrested two people from Lucknow. Those who had explosives. Police have said that these people were members of the Popular Front of India (PFI). These people had a conspiracy to carry out explosions in many areas of the country from Uttar Pradesh. Explain that the STF had claimed that the target of these people were people of Hinduist organization.

Police recovered a huge amount of explosives

PFI Giving information on the matter, the STF has said that huge quantities of explosives have been recovered from these people. The police say that these people had a plan to target some big leaders of Hinduist organizations on Vasant Panchami. These people were arrested by the Special Task Force of UP with explosives. Police said that they had received 16 explosives, a pistol, live cartridges, and Rs 4800 cash from them. These people were adding some other people here.

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PFI’s name also came up in Hathras

The police have issued a statement on the claims, saying that they have no connection with the people caught and all this is a lie. The police have also claimed that they have arrested more than 123 people in the last year. Police have said that the names of those arrested are Ansad Badruddin and Feroze Khan. Both of them hail from Kerala. Let us tell you that the name of PFI has appeared many times in the last few years. The name of PFI was also revealed in the recent violence in Hathras.

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