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vaccination shortage in Odisha, 700 vaccine centers shut – minister claims

Story Highlights
  • Vaccination of 2 lakh citizens daily in Odisha
  • Shortage of corona vaccine in the state
  • Out of 1400 vaccination centers, 700 vaccination centers are closed

Corona vaccine is in short supply in different parts of the country. After Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Odisha is now experiencing a shortage of corona vaccination. Vaccination Center It was revealed that it was closed.

The situation in Odisha is so dire that out of the 1400 vaccination centers registered for the vaccination drive, 700 have been closed. Health Minister of Odisha Nab Kishor Das He has written a letter to the Central Government informing about this.

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According to Das, vaccination has been stopped in many places in the state. The state has only two days’ supply of vaccines. If more doses of the corona vaccine are not delivered soon, the vaccination campaign across the state will come to a standstill.

According to the Odisha minister, the state has only 5.34 lakh corona vaccine doses available. Two and a half lakh doses are given every day in the state. That is, the stock available to the state will last only two days. We have requested the Center to send at least 25 lakh doses immediately. Therefore, the vaccination campaign can continue for the next 10 days.

According to the health minister, the Center had earlier demanded a dose of 1.5 million vaccines. However, no reply has been received from the Center.

According to Bijaya Panigadhi, an officer of the Odisha Vaccination Campaign, 400 centers had been closed earlier due to lack of vaccines, but now the number has risen to 700. We had set a target of vaccinating 2 lakh people on Wednesday, but so far we have managed to vaccinate only 1.10 lakh people. Vaccination has stalled in many districts of Odisha.

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