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Basic Tips On Doing Boys Haircuts


If you would love to do your little man’s haircut by yourself, you can always learn how to do it in case it is your first time to do it. Boys haircuts are easy to do as long as you observe the necessary precautions and steps to achieving the final results of the haircut.

Cutting the hair of your son is a good way of growing your bond, and it is a skill you can easily learn and perfect. It is a skill that will save you save money and time that could be used on the haircut appointment. Here are some basic tips and steps on doing boys haircuts without having to visit the barbershop or call the hairdresser to do it.

  1. The Basic Requirements

One of the most basic requirements to do boys haircuts is a clipper. If you are a beginner at this skill, you may need to go for a clipper that is not too complex to operate or too heavy to handle. This will give you an easier time in operation.

You should also use small clippers, which are designed to be kids friendly, to avoid scaring them with the big clippers when you use big-sized clippers used on them.

Another thing you may require are destructions for your boy. These may include things such as their favorite toys or TV shows. The destructions help take the kid’s concentration and stop them from thinking about the haircut, which they are likely to enjoy in most cases.

Other common requirements you may need to include some trimmers, a small comb, a rug where the cut hair falls onto, and a disposable piece of plastic to collect the dirt.

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  1. Doing the Setup

You will need to prepare the working space and collect all the items you will need for the process to make the work easier and avoid movements during the process. 

You can use chairs which are made of designs of their favorite shapes or things. For instance, you can have the chair designed as a car toy. This will help keep the boy forget about the haircut and will allow you to go through the entire process without much trouble.

When doing the boys haircuts, you also need to take as much time as you may have to come up with the best results. The boys may not be much settled for the process, and forcing them to do something they don’t want to will only worsen the situation. This is why it is important to take all the time.

  1. Read the Guide On How to Use the Clippers

The clipper has some attachments that need to be clicked in for use. If you are a beginner, you may need to read the guide that comes with the clippers when you purchase them to know how to do it.

You can also research online tutorials for clicking and using clippers.  Follow the instructions step to step to help you work with the clippers correctly.
  1. The Actual Haircut

After assembling all the requirements, you can begin the process of doing the boys haircuts. Start by deciding on the style of the haircut suitable for your boy. You can do so by considering factors such as the shape of the head of your little man and his hair texture.

The next step would be getting your boy to sit and prepare him for the haircut. Ensure you have everything you want in the working space you have prepared. 

Begin by trimming the hair and creating the taper you need to work with. You can hold your boy’s head to help keep it in position for the cutting.

After creating the taper, you can go ahead to cut the hair all around the head, keeping in mind the haircut design you want to come up with. Remember to keep the hair at the top longer than your desired length.

Once you have achieved the boys haircuts design, you are looking for. You can finish up the process by cleaning the boy’s head, drying it, and styling it to the style of your choice or the boy’s liking.


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