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In this date and age, there is software for almost anything. The fact of the matter is that, as long as they are fed with the correct data, computers are less likely to make mistakes, which makes them truly helpful for several aspects of human life. Of course, the sports world is no exception. Every year, more and more technological features are added to traditional sports and competitions in order to make the implementation of the rules more accurate and substantially diminish the possibility of human error spoiling the results.

The same applies to other areas related to sports. For example, the sports betting industry, which gave a huge leap when online betting was introduced. This revolutionary proposal benefits from the internet to offer wagering services to punters around the world without the need to move an inch from their place. Now, the same industry has taken an even greater leap with the creation of sports betting software, a computer assisting algorithm that has the objective of making wagering an easier and more profitable endeavor than ever before. In that regard, is the brand at the forefront of this technology, and today we are going to delve into its characteristics to determine if it really is the great tool it claims to be.

The name says it all is a bet assisting software. In other words, it helps punters in their efforts to place as many wagers as possible using different bookmakers. This facilitates everything to a greater extent since bettors no longer have to look for external offers and bookies. After all, just the mere task of creating a catalog of bookmakers containing the best online betting brands is a tedious activity that not only requires time and effort, but also the bravery of risking everything every time a player needs a new one, due to the abundance of fraudulent sites.

The main features BSO provides are its work principles: speed, efficiency, and relaxation. These are perfectly reflected in their website, which is fast and attractive yet simple to navigate and offers players the possibility of placing their bets quickly and effortlessly on as many bookmakers as they are available in the interface, which currently numbers over a dozen. 

A pledge of excellence

BSO’s business is offering wagering solutions. Hence, their numbers are among the highest when compared to regular bookies, with the difference that there is no need for opening different accounts. Those include:

  • 10 sports 
  • 15 bookmakers 
  • 85 leagues, competitions, and tournaments depending on the sport
  • 22 default markets and multiple special ones
  • 4 payment methods: Bank transfers, Skrill, Neteller, and Cryptocurrencies
  • 24/7 customer support

To sum it all

We could spend dozens of extra lines talking about more and more features, yet, following their example on speed and efficiency, we can resume the benefits you get when you get a betting software account as follows

  1. Entry to an easy-to-use high-tech software that’s also highly customizable for your comfort.
  2. Access to a catalog with the best sportsbooks and exchanges in the industry.
  3. Wagering opportunities for all sports enthusiasts that are unlikely to be found anywhere else.
  4. Payment solutions accessible to any type of bettor 
  5. A customer service team that offers real solutions and is available 24/7 in different languages.
  6. Permanent kickback programs for every successful wager placed on the most profitable bookmakers: SingBet (0.3%) and PS3838 (0.1%)

Once we have the chance to comprehend those features, we can really understand what the whole hype is about and why BSO is rightfully called the best betting software.


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