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Bruce Wilson Death Cause and Obituary, What happened to him?


Obituary: What Happened to Bruce Wilson?

In a tragic turn of events in Jacksonville, FL, the Lake Forest neighborhood was witness to a targeted shooting that claimed the life of Bruce Wilson and left two others injured. The incident unfolded on Monday night, prompting an ongoing investigation by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Death Cause: How Did Bruce Wilson Die?

The Lake Forest Triple Shooting: Multiple calls reporting gunfire led Jacksonville police to the intersection of Edgewood Avenue West and Bunker Hill Boulevard at around 6:30 p.m. on Monday night. In the parking lot of a BP gas station, two men were found shot, with one victim, Bruce, pronounced dead at the scene. Another victim was rushed to the hospital, and a third, in critical but stable condition, had self-transported to the hospital.

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Who Was Bruce Wilson?

Details of the Incident: Police reports indicate that the shooting was targeted, involving multiple individuals disembarking from a white Dodge Charger in the gas station’s parking lot and opening fire. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office suggests that the gunmen had a specific “intended target,” though the exact identity remains unclear. Witnesses described at least three shooters, and rifles were reportedly used.


What happened to Bruce Wilson?

Bruce Wilson tragically lost his life in a targeted shooting incident in Jacksonville, FL. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

How did Bruce Wilson die?

Bruce died as a result of a targeted shooting. Multiple individuals opened fire in the parking lot of a BP gas station, where he was found shot.

Who were the other victims in the shooting incident?

Two other individuals were injured in the shooting—one was rushed to the hospital, and the other, critically injured, drove himself to the same medical facility.

How many shooters were involved, and what weapons were used?

At least three shooters were involved in the incident, and witnesses reported the use of rifles during the shooting.


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