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How Do Web Research Services Overcome Challenges and Increase Productivity


The Internet has significantly changed how we discover, interact and conduct business with each other. It is not just a medium to view products and marketing material but has also become a place for us to research various topics, even personal interests. Businesses also utilize the Internet for market analysis and competitive intelligence which is one of their major drives to rank ahead in their industry.

Today where the digital revolution has taken the entire marketing and business world by storm, a lot of businesses are struggling to stay updated with the latest information regarding all their competitors. Internet just can’t be your sole source of market intelligence as it provides an extremely high volume of information that is difficult to sieve out all valid and relevant data, making it one of the most time-consuming exercises for any organization.

Before going deep into the discussion on how Web Research Services can help face specific challenges for a company. Let’s first know why your business needs web research services anyways.

And that is Why Web Research Services Are Crucial for Your Business?

Managing information overload can be a challenge for every individual. And if you are faced with this problem, then you know how difficult it is to find reliable and relevant data that can help your business grow. Using legacy software tools can ease the process of finding relevant data and save it for later reference, but they are very expensive and add to the overheads as web research is not a daily process. The outsourcing web research services provider can provide sorted and relevant data as they invest in the software tools since web research is their core competency.

You must have in mind that the digital market is a global one. It is not only about China, India, and Russia but also about the European market. And you are missing out on a lot of commercial possibilities if you do not take your business online. We all know that web research services are a key factor for online success today. Even though outsourcing firms can help, some small companies do not have time to look for them and may need support from specialists who can help identify web research services for the digital market.

Four Major Challenges That a Business Can Surmount With the Help of Web Research Services

Customers Review

“If you build a great experience, customers tell each other about that, word of mouth is very important” – Jeff Bezos

Here Jeff may be referring to the verbal review only but both verbal and non-verbal customer feedback matter. In fact, in this digital era, it is not the word of mouth but word of the internet. Having said that it’s necessary to keep your customer happy all the time but how is this possible? 

Consumer’s surveys are the best way to understand behaviour in and purchasing patterns provided you converse with your customers in their native language. Simple, by their feedback, you may learn about the pain issues of customers and provide accurate solutions to that specific problem.

However, you need to do web research services if you want to check on how your product or service is doing these days. With some customer feedback, you can easily improve it or change the product so that it better suits the customer’s wants and needs. This can also help in making future marketing campaigns more effective.

Earlier Offline research was the only source to gather that information & this type of research is conducted in the real world. You can either attend an event where people gather or approach individuals directly to ask you your opinion regarding a certain product, service, or company but today it’s all online.

For example, you are a leading e-commerce company that came to know that a section of its user-base was having issues with a payment gateway. Then you can promptly fix it and also reached out to every customer they could find online via an email campaign informing them that the issue is fixed. This outreach not only delighted the users but also assured them that the company is customer focused.

Web research services are helpful in better understanding your business online and finding solutions to problems and opportunities that could help your business.

Product Research through Web Research

Doing market research is a crucial step before rolling out a new product/service. Search volumes for a related offering web research can help in assessing if investment in the product/service would be worthwhile.

Web research is an effective way to check if there is market demand for your new product. You can also use it to gauge the popularity of a similar offering in your segment. Web research helps you decide if you should launch your product or service and where in a food market the demand for that product or service exists. It is also useful for gauging how much investment would be needed to create the product/service, as well as how much profit it can generate for you.

Price Research

Any company needs to know its competitor’s prices. Web research service providers with experience in pricing research can mine URLs of related products along with their pricing over some time. Also, Web research companies can survey consumer perception of the pricing strategy of your competitors, which in turn can help you increase your sales.

Web research can give you valuable insights on the price of similar products, pricing trends, and competitor analysis to help you understand how much your product is worth in the market. These techniques are used to understand the price you should work with, and also how you’re pricing compares to the market.

Location-based Marketing

With web research you can a potential customer list from the data collected with this data, you can target prospects customers that are within a specific location. The objective behind this list building is to identify potential customers who are within the geographic target of your business. Let’s face it, without web research, you are flying blind. But that doesn’t mean you need to commit all of your time and resources to building web research. And the best way is to outsource a web research service provider who can do it for you. This data-backed information can give a company valuable insight into the market and the customer base if you know where to look.

We at eDataMine offer web research services that aid business organizations in their online and offline information gathering needs. We make use of the latest tools, technologies, and methods to generate authentic data for our clients that are accurate and prompt. To ensure flawless data gathering and delivery, we run through a series of quality checks before providing our clients with the final set of results.


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