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How to invest in yourself and be proud of the result


Have you ever been able to prove your solvency at least once in your life? Were there people in your way who doubted your abilities?

Remember the first time you rented a place? You are sure to face the need to show documents about your income during renting or buying any expensive goods (car, apartment, house) on credit.

Perhaps you were even ready to create fake pay stubs. But I hope your legal awareness and desire to be a law-abiding citizen have won. After all, it is so easy to make stupid mistakes: unintentionally round the numbers, use «O» instead of «0», incorrectly calculate possible tax deductions, etc. And what will happen if you find differences with W-2 information? I can’t even imagine.

Now we will tell you how to invest in yourself so that you will never again face the desire to create fake pay stubs.

Investing is not just about money. It includes the time and effort that you must put into it.

1. Set the goals you want to achieve 

Nothing affects the possibility of success more than determining the direction you are heading.

Without a goal, you will not be able to draw up a plan of your actions and understand what efforts are necessary to implement it.

To begin with, you need to determine your starting point. What level of your knowledge, skills, talents, and in which industries. How much free time do you have, and how much annual income do you want to achieve? Are you interested in physical or mental work? Or do you want to manage people?

It is worth considering all the advantages and disadvantages of your profession. Tell yourself truthfully if you want to keep working like this. 

Analyze your life and what it can be.

Perhaps working with a coach will be helpful to you. This person will be able to ask you the right questions, guide you in the right direction and help you succeed in your new profession later.

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2. Study constantly 

Your most significant resource is your time. It would be best if you didn’t waste it on aimless searches of a place where someone expects you and where you will be cozy and comfortable. It would help if you spent this time on self-development. Constant learning will ensure that you can adapt to any circumstances. Keep up to date with changes in your industry and other areas of knowledge that interest you. Look for novelty in information.

Read books.

How powerfully do you want to watch TV in the evening in a cozy chair? But it does not contribute to your development. It’s a waste of time. Instead of watching TV, try to read a book or an e-book. Your brain will have food for thoughts, and your imagination will flourish.

Books can be from fiction to psychology and self-development literature. Anything will be helpful.

Attend seminars and conferences.

If you have the opportunity to attend a professional event, be sure to do so. Do not spare any money for it. It will be advantageous if you manage to make new expert and authoritative acquaintances.

3. Surround yourself with successful people

The world you live in and the people who fill it create a unique atmosphere for self-development or degradation. Choose the first one.

Get rid of the friends who are dragging you down.

Protect your energy from the encroachment of negative energy. You need to set borders. If a person devalues your efforts, can not support you, and does not see the positive effect of your work, then he can not be considered a friend. Communicating with people should please you. Only then it will inspire action.

Choose a mentor.

It is tough to achieve success alone. A mentor is an advisor that you trust and can guide you to professional success. He is a role model. This person must already be successful in being able and willing to help you succeed.

He can share practical advice with you, reveal the secrets of the business, and understand its structure and organization. It can be a famous businessman, a teacher, or even your older brother. The main thing is that his opinion counts for you.

4. Learn Languages

It is stupid to build your business and develop it within one country in the global economy world. You shouldn’t spend the money you have on buying items. It’s better to invest it in your talents. We think that the most important of these skills should be the ability to speak several languages. That will make it easier for you to build professional connections, discover new business models, look for information on various resources, and communicate with people from different countries. It will help you learn about the mentality of other people, learn about life in another country and discover new horizons.

5. Plan your day, week, month, year

Planning can be short-term or long-term. And making a plan for the day will bring you closer to making a plan for the year.

It would help if you had a precise schedule for the day. Automating the process of getting the work done leads to less effort needed to do it. This way, it will be easier for you to achieve ambitious goals.

Wake up much more earlier and go to sleep later.

This way you will have much more time. It will allow you to combine work/study with rest. Your biggest enemy is laziness. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Look back and see how much time has already been wasted. Don’t let it happen again.

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Watch the results.

To see where you are going, you must periodically evaluate your progress. Don’t minimize it. Even the most minor step forward gets you closer to your goal. You can record how much time was spent on training, communicating with a mentor or coach, completing routine tasks, and relaxing. Calculate the percentage of these metrics. Keep yourself on track.

As you follow these tips, be proud of yourself. That is the most critical secret to success. Believing in your strength will allow you to overcome obstacles, rise after a fall, to master a new niche. Invest the first money you earn in your training. It is what will allow in the long run to have an apartment, a car, and a respectable income.

Don’t forget about traveling and experiences. It is what will keep your energy and fighting spirit alive. It will inspire new achievements to be able to visit many more countries and interesting places, sights and meet new people.

Work on yourself and for yourself. Don’t seek approval in the eyes of others. You’ll never be able to please everyone anyway, so you shouldn’t waste your energy on it.


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