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The most awesome Telugu short stories


Telugu is one of the oldest languages in the world and is the second most spoken language in India. We are all truly blessed to have the ability to learn Telugu language and must be very proud to have come from such a rich and varied heritage. The language of Telugu has many vikatakavis or poets and they have composed entire worlds of short stories such as Panchatantra, Tenali Ramakrishnan, Akbar and Birbal and even the legendary movies such as Bahubali!!! 

Remember that you do not necessarily need to be able to read Telugu to understand Telugu short stories. Many people know to speak but do not know how to read Telugu. Go to Youtube and read a whole bunch of short stories in Telugu. You can listen to Telugu audio books which are available in plenty. 

If you are to live in Telangana or Andhra Pradesh, or if want to immerse yourself in the heritage and culture that Telugu offers, you would love to be reading short stories in Telugu language. Children as well as kids also love to read and enjoy short stories in Telugu as they are wholesome and easy to read.

There are loads of short stories in Telugu and many are translations but the beauty of the story will be retained as Telugu is an incredible language. There are also hundreds of thousands of videos and tons of free blogs providing every story in the world translated in Telugu. Whether you live in India, Europe, Americas or across any of the continents in the whole wide world, there are many free websites which you can use to read Telugu short stories. 

Short Panchatantra Stories in Telugu for Kids

Panchatantra stories are among the most famous and well known stories in the world and they had their origin in India.  History goes that the famous Panchatantra stories were written by a maharishi called as Vishnu Sharma as early as 200 BC. He created 5 great collections of stories and hence it was called as the Panchatanthira stories. In total, the Panchatanthira stories has over 300 stories or kathalu. Many of the Panchatantra kathalu are based on animals and birds which can speak and of many kings and queens. You can read a lot of the short moral stories of Panchatantra in Telugu language in Childhood stories. 

Podupu Kathalu in Telugu 

When we were children, we would have read a lot of riddles and the answers were always funny and confusing. The meaning of Podupu Kathalu in Telugu is simply “RIDDLE” in English. Podupu Kathalu are just riddle questions with twisted answers, many of which are very confusing and mean many different things. There are hundreds of different Podupu Kathalu in Telugu and these are very popular among children. Let us now learn some funny and interesting Podupu Kathalu in Telugu.

Podupu kathalu are stories which are portrayed in the form of funny questions (riddles) with twisted answers. Podupu itself means pokable (or what we call as poking questions). Podupu kathalu pokes your mind until you answer the riddles. Podupu kathalu means the kind of short stories which raise curiosity and which makes a person think very hard and also gives a chance for listeners to improve their intelligence.

Tenali Ramakrishna Stories in Telugu – Tenali Ramakrishna Kathalu

Among the great Indian story tellers, the greatest ever telugu vikatakavi or great Indian poet and scholar in the court of king Krishnadevaraya was Tenali Ramakrishna. Tenali Ramakrishna was a Telugu poet who was born in a small town called Tenali in Andhra Pradesh. He is well known across the Indian subcontinent for his many legendary folk tales all of which is about how he uses his wit and humour to get out of tricky situations. 

He was also named as one of the great Ashtadiggajas, the eight great poets at the court of Krishnadevaraya. Tenali Ramakrishna was also a great scholar and poet of the Telugu language. Tenali Ramakrishna tales are popular in Telugu and English and in many regional indian languages and people love reading these stories. You can read tons and tons of Tenali raman stories in Telugu in Childhood stories.

If you want to read the entire collection of Tenali Ramakrishna stories in Hindi, you can use this link: Tenali Ramakrishna stories in Hindi.

About the Author: Vivek Hariharan

The author of this article is Vivek Hariharan, a lover of short stories. He owns and runs a free multi language blog called Childhood Stories which has dual language short stories in 8 languages which makes no money and gives him little pleasure. 

Since the age of 13 he has had only one ambition: to become a published and famous author and he hasn’t changed since. He is just as immature and just as broke and just as “not famous”. His passion is to write a fiction series which will create an entire universe which he can live in and in that at least he has money to laugh at like a maniac.


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