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The Technology Behind Live Dealer Casinos: How It Works and What to Expect


If you’re like most casino players, the allure of live dealer games is the promise of an authentic experience that feels as close to playing in a brick-and-mortar casino as possible. Thanks to advances in technology, that’s now a reality – and we’re here to tell you all about it! 

In this post, we’ll give you an overview of how live dealer casinos work, from streaming technology to game rules. We’ll go over what to expect when playing at a live dealer casino, from UI features to betting possibilities.

Read on to learn how you can enjoy the best of both worlds: live casino action and online gaming ease!

How Live Dealer Casinos Work

Live dealer casinos work by streaming video footage of a real-life casino table directly to your computer or mobile device. Just like in sites not affected by Gamstop, a live dealer will then monitor this footage and interact with players via chat. 

The action is broadcast in high definition, providing an immersive experience that comes close to being in person.

The technology behind live dealer casinos can be broken down into three key components: game control unit, cameras, and dealer. 

Let’s examine each in more detail:

Game Control Unit

The game control unit (GCU) is the brain behind the operation, controlling all aspects of the gameplay. It houses software that determines winning hands and the random number generator that shuffles the decks and deals with the cards.


Multiple cameras are positioned around the table, giving players different action views. This allows you to see all the important details of the game, such as the dealer’s hand and the cards on the table.


Dealers are responsible for running the game in accordance with its rules. They will interact with players via chat, answer any questions you have, and place your bets for you.So if you’ve ever asked yourself “are casinos profitable?”, then this gives you an assurance that they are if you do things right.

All dealers are highly trained professionals who know how to keep things fun and ensure everyone enjoys their experience.


The monitor is where you’ll be able to see all the action taking place at the live dealer casino table. If you have it set to the top of the screen, you can see everything going on.


The wheel is used for games on sites not affected by Gamstop like roulette and baccarat. It’s where the dealer will spin the ball and where it will land to determine the winning number or hand.

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