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What Are the Indicators of The Need For Blind Repair or Replacement?


Like many utilities and home appliances, numerous homeowners neglect their functioning and do not realise their impact on their everyday smooth functioning. Window blinds also come under the list. They not just regulate the amount of light entering the indoor space and provide the necessary privacy but also enhances the aesthetics. However, home window blonds risk taking a beating from pets, children or the scorching sun of Australian summers, which requires blind repairs. While the destruction of the blinds may call for a replacement, one must look out for these minor signs that call for repair. 

Safety Problems

Blinds come in different forms, one of which includes long cords. These prove dangerous in households with kids or pets that might get tangled. Blinds that have exposed cords pose strangulation and tripping hazards. Wear and tear in the appliances can cause inconvenience in smooth operation. Frayed cords or exposed edges risk collapsing and hurting those around. Such homeowners can upgrade their blinds with safer window covering options like curtains, shutters, cordless cellular shades or roller shades. 

Widened Gaps

One of the main functions of blinds is privacy. Numerous homeowners use them to prevent outsiders from peeking in. They protect the bathrooms, bedrooms and offices from onlookers. However, damaged window coverings may be loose and cause gaps. These wide gaps result in a breach of privacy, leaving the indoor space exposed. Blinds must keep the indoors cool during summer and warm during the winters. They prevent glares on the TV and regulate indoor lighting. Blinds typically must not have gaps between each other. If they do, it is time to call the blind repair services.

Damaged Mechanisms

Blinds are relatively easy to operate and do not require much effort from the user. Just like the difficulty in starting a car is a sign of trouble, difficulty in operation is a sign of damage to the hidden headrail or roller. Generally, the tilt operation in blinds breakdown after prolonged use or due to external force. It poses the risk of falling out of the window. Damage to the tilt affects its slant and might be harder to repair and requires replacement if severe.

Stains and Discolouration

Blinds in the bathroom and kitchen area are bound to develop stains due to moisture and food items. Certain materials might also develop stains as a reaction to cleaning products. Exposure to constant sunlight can also cause discolouration on those sides, especially if they don’t have UV-protected finishing. Blinds can then experience extreme heat damage, resulting in broken slats. They are not just aesthetically unappealing. But they also fail to protect the residents. In such cases, one can call experts to either upgrade them or replace the old ones.  

Signs of Ageing

Many homes have blinds from the time they bought the house. Blinds have a shelf life, especially in places with extreme temperatures or children. Also, as interior design changes over the decades, older blinds can make the home look outdated. 

Bent or Warped Slats

Misshapen or bent slats in wooden blinds are signs of damage due to humidity and heat. Australia records temperatures over 35 degrees celsius and humidity up to 62%. Therefore, these damages are common among blinds with open windows. These damages do not look appealing and prevent them from functioning optimally. Services that provide blind repairs inspect the damage and provide the appropriate recommendations for fixes or replacements.

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