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What Is More Important? Education Or Work Experience?


The debate between education and work experience is a never-ending one. Is it higher degrees that open the front door of your career, or is it the past work experience? We all know both as two equally important. 

What matters most while getting a job? Is it education or experience? We will find the right answer today. Keep scrolling to read our blog till the end. 

The Value Of Education

There is a saying by Malcolm X. called, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” More education definitely leads to better pay and job stability. The recently published BLS data revealed that workers having doctoral or professional degrees had the highest weekly median earnings like $1,893 and $1,885, respectively. 

Following this, the median earning per week of those having Master’s degrees is $1545, while that of Bachelor’s degrees is $1305. Apart from wisdom, education enables people to become better citizens, have power, and various skills. 

At a glance, education:

  • Allows you to secure a higher income 
  • Helps to develop problem-solving skills
  • Improves the economy of a state or nation
  • Provides a happy and prosperous life
  • Creates a modern, civilized society
  • Bridges the financial gap
  • Creates equal opportunities in the society

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The Value Of Work Experience

Just like the significance of education is unmatchable, the importance of experience also knows no bounds. Work experience basically introduces you gently to the world of the job sector. You will get a detailed idea of how to sustain yourself in the workplace, overcoming crucial barriers like tough competition, work politics, etc. After gaining powerful work experience for 5+ years, you will be capable of identifying your own skills as well as improvement areas. Suppose you have graduated in English literature and pursuing your career as a content creator, maybe after sometimes you also find your skills more powerful in essay and dissertation writing and you also offer your services in it.

At a glance, work experience gives you:

  • A perception of the work environment and what the leaders might expect from the workers. 
  • Strong opportunities to explore the possible career options
  • Increased self-confidence and the ability to work independently.
  • Professional maturity and understanding self-worth 

The Debate – Education Vs. Work Experience

It’s evident that Education and Experience have their own significance with respect to finding the right job. Here is the debate you all have been waiting for – Education Vs. Work Experience. Who wins? Let’s check out. 

  • Educational qualifications and job opportunities are closely related to each other. It’s true that higher degrees lead to higher salaries
  • Work experience and job exposure are also closely related to each other. A longer work experience profile lets you earn a job offer of a handsome package. 
  • Both higher education and experience are equally important for candidates to secure a good job as per their qualifications. However, higher education is more important for the freshers, while skill acquisition, education, and experience are crucial as you move along.
  • The requirements of educational degrees and work experience change from time to time from one field to another. Basically, these criteria rely on the plethora of business and career options available.  

The Bottom Line

The bottom line from this debate is that in the long run, the value of only education or only work experience is difficult to be considered. Job market researchers found in a study most of the hiring managers look for both within a candidate. However, the ideal ratio of experience and education can vary from one field to another, for example, a bachelor’s. Thus, you need to have the ideal proportion of both experience and education to enhance your career

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