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What is the upper age limit for NEET and how many attempts are allowed?


The recently concluded NEET exams saw an exponential increase in the number of applicants. This year’s NEET exam has been a major breakthrough in terms of the reach and the number of aspirants applying for the exam. However, with so many applicants and most of them being new aspirants, it becomes necessary to understand some basic queries. 

Number of Attempts:

First off, let us talk about the legitimate number of attempts that each aspirant is allowed. As of 2017, the total number of attempts for each student was capped at 3. However, this restriction was lifted from the 2107 exam onwards. The aspirants were allowed to appear in the exam any number of times. This meant that upon completion of Class XII, the aspirants will be allowed to attend the exam as many number of times as they please.  

This was seen as a welcome change from all the aspirants, as well as the NEET Coaching Institutes in Bangalore. This would help both aspirants and the coaching institutes to formulate an efficient teaching plans.

This means that each student would be allowed to re-register for the examination after each failed attempt. There are no major criteria as such in order to re-register for the examination, other than the need to be at least 17 years of age. And, the aspirant must have passed Class XII with Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This remains the basic criteria to be eligible for the NEET exam. 

Basic Eligibility Criteria for NEET 2023:

  • l Must have passed Class XII with Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • l Must have passed with at least 50% marks.
  • l Must be at least 17 years of age on or before the date of the examination.
  • l Must possess Pass Certificate from registered school boards on or before the date of the examination.
  • l Must be a registered Citizen of India. If not, must possess relevant documents for NRI or Foreign nationals to warrant their Schooling certificates.

Upper Age Limit:

As per the CBSE board regulations and announcements made in the year 2022, the upper age limit of NEET exams has also been removed. This means that virtually anybody and people of any age can appear for the examination. 

It means, that anybody, of any age, will be allowed to appear for the examination to realize their dreams of being a Medical or Healthcare Professional.

In retrospect, however, this rule will only be valid until the Board deems it fair and may, at any point, make it invalid. Thus, it is always advisable to clear the examination within the first or second attempt. This may seem far-fetched or difficult, considering the exponential increase in the registrations and, simultaneously, the competition. However, with the help of NEET academies around the country, it becomes a rather easier approach. 

There are several Institutes in Bangalore, that take into consideration multiple aspects, to train the aspirants to achieve success. The likes of Parishrama NEET Academy, Aakash Byju’s and Allen are some of the renowned names that have established themselves as being the best in the business and have constantly produced toppers, over the years, who have defied all odds. 


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