9 Major Challenges In Warehouse Racking 


A warehouse needs high-quality and maintained racking systems for smooth and efficient operations. You need to choose the right rack for your storage facility or warehouse. 

Furthermore, sometimes the warehouse racking system experiences some critical problems. It could be damaged, have problems in lifting heavy loads, safety issues, and so on. A warehouse owner needs to identify the racks’ problem. 

We understand it’s not easy to find what things are troubling your work in a warehouse. So, we have listed the top 9 major issues that need to identify in your warehouse racks. 

Key Problems In Warehouse Racking 

Changing any components

It’s risky if you do any reconfigurations in your racks. A person has to be extremely careful while changing components or fixing new parts. You have to perform the adjustment and removal of beams consciously. 

Make sure you don’t hurt yourself while changing components. Furthermore, never rush to complete work faster because it causes many problems.

Handling Materials

Are you regularly in contact with warehouse racking equipment such as; dollies, forklifts, and cranes? If so, it could be dangerous. Why? Well, racks get affected by heavy load material, and it may damage many components. 

If you put things inappropriately in the storage system, then this will be hazardous. The entire system’s structural integrity or load-bearing capacity becomes weak and poses critical safety risks.

Overloading the racks

Every rack has a particular load capacity and limitation for weight-bearing. Hence, one must be very careful while putting goods on the shelf. But when you expand the load capacity, this weakens a system’s structural integrity.

If a person places too much pressure over a rack, this might cause the collapse. And all this is a risk for the safety of employees. Furthermore, the safety inspectors will be responsible for examining the rack’s maximum loading capacity. Also, overloading always has a higher risk of collapse.

Improper lighting

Warehouse owners often ignore the lighting, which is a safety hazard. The poor or improper lighting might misjudge workers regarding objects’ shape, size, or position. That is why it causes major injuries or accidents on a job site. So, you need to fix the light and replace the old version of lighting to enhance productivity.

Right lighting installation in the warehouse racking can create a productive environment. It also makes sure that workers stay alert while working and reduces the error scope. Improper lighting or low visibility can easily damage the goods, resulting in business loss. Furthermore, lighting helps workers to find or read items with small labels.

No Row Spacing

One of the major challenges warehouse owners are facing is no row space. It means racks are placed back to back with no row space. It prevents workers from reaching a particular product with ease. And this eventually leads a worker to cause damage.  

Unorganized warehouse space causes unnecessary labor costs and other problems. If there is no row spacing, you can’t clean a particular area. However, an organized rack helps to add more strength to racks.

The proper racking can improve an area of a warehouse without any expenditure. It ensures and allows users to add more goods by using just a very little floor area. Moreover, you can double or triple the storage capacity of a warehouse. 

Strut damage

If you find strut damage and see the broken horizontal, torn, or diagonal braces demonstrate a deflection in a plane around ½”, it needs to be repaired. This may affect the structural integrity of a racking system. So be careful and don’t delay in repairing it. A warehouse racking system service provider can help you to fix strut damages.  

Uneven load placing 

Uneven load placing is one of the major reasons for rack damages. None of you likes to see the warehouse racking system fail to accomplish its task safely. And this is why you have to place items evenly in racks. 

Usually, racks become less stable and non-flexible with overloading and improper items placed. If you put load evenly and make an ample space between racks, it decreases the overall capacity of any frame.

Moreover, we would suggest you train your workers before performing any task. Make them learn that if they put 20 kg on the left side, then balance the weight with 20 kgs on the other racks. Also, if the load-bearing capacity of the rack is 50 kg, you can expand it to 60 kgs or 70 kgs but never try to place 100 kg items on the rack. 

Damaged beams 

If you see any loose or damaged beams in your rack, then repair them immediately. It is one of the major causes of a notwithstanding racking system in a warehouse. Moreover, it has a great impact on the safety of a rack.

Well, a damaged beam makes a rack damaged, and it can fall over the workers in a warehouse. So, don’t ignore the beams and take appropriate actions to provide safety to your employees. 

Footplate or Anchor Damage

Footplate or anchor damage affects a warehouse racking system’s operational safety and stability. That is why it puts the employees as well as your products at risk. For repairing these damages, you can connect with the racking system service providers. They can repair or fix these damages. However, if repairing doesn’t work, then you need to buy a new rack.

Final Words

In the end, it’s your choice to select the right rack for your storage or warehouse. Whatever you choose, pallet racking, selective racking, or other racking, make sure to check regularly for their maintenance. Furthermore, consider the above listed 9 points mainly to fix your warehouse racking problems in a timely manner. 

So, these were the top safety problems that people neglect in their daily life. We hope you understand them well. Implementing them will save your employees from any mishaps or injuries in the warehouse. 

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