Alvida Jumma Mubarak 2023 Urdu Messages, Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, Sayings, Shayari, Posters, Banners, Cliparts and Captions


“Alvida Jumma Mubarak” is a phrase used by Muslims to wish each other a blessed farewell on Fridays during the holy month of Ramadan. Friday is considered a special day in Islam, and Muslims gather in mosques to perform the Jummah prayer, a congregational prayer that holds significant importance in the Islamic faith.

The month of Ramadan is an important month for Muslims, during which they fast from dawn until sunset and focus on prayer, reflection, and good deeds. The last Friday of Ramadan, known as Jummah-tul-Wida or the farewell Friday, marks the end of this holy month, and Muslims say goodbye to it with a heavy heart.

“Alvida Jumma Mubarak” is a phrase that Muslims use to express goodwill towards each other on this significant day. It is a way to wish peace, prosperity, and happiness to fellow Muslims as they bid farewell to the holy month of Ramadan. The phrase signifies the spirit of brotherhood and unity that Muslims feel towards each other during this holy month.

Moreover, “Alvida Jumma Mubarak” is an opportunity for Muslims to reflect on the lessons learned during Ramadan and to continue practicing the values of compassion, generosity, and self-discipline throughout the year. It is a reminder to Muslims to remain steadfast in their faith and to continue to strive towards righteousness and good deeds.

In conclusion, “Alvida Jumma Mubarak” is a phrase that carries a significant meaning for Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. It is a way to express goodwill, kindness, and brotherhood towards fellow Muslims and to remind them to continue practicing the values and lessons learned during Ramadan throughout the year.

Alvida Jumma Mubarak 2023 Urdu Wishes, Greetings, Shayari, Posters, Messages, Quotes, Sayings, Banners, Cliparts and Captions

Jumma Mubarak to the most loving person in the world, I am sending lots of blessings and good wishes for you on this special day. May Allah accept all of your prayers.

With the most sacred day, with the countless blessings and mercies of Allah. May this Juma lighten your life with the teachings of Islam and protect you from calamity. Have a blessed Friday Juma Tul Wida Mubarak!

Happy Friday my friend. May you be blessed with peace of mind, good health and uncountable favors of Allah!

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Wish you a blessed and pleasant Jummah. May this valuable day bring satisfaction in your heart and fill your life with the endowments of Allah!

This is a special day, let’s keep yourself clean and awesome. It’s a good time to remember Allah through prayer and reciting the Quran.


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