Alvida Ramzan 2023 WhatsApp Status Video to Download for Free


Alvida Ramzan 2023 WhatsApp Status Video: “Alvida Ramzan” is an Urdu phrase used by Muslims to bid farewell to the holy month of Ramadan, which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. During this month, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset and engage in increased prayer, charity, and spiritual reflection.

As Ramadan comes to an end, “Alvida Ramzan” is a time to reflect on the lessons learned during the month and seek forgiveness for any shortcomings or mistakes made during the month. Muslims also express gratitude for the blessings and opportunities for spiritual growth that Ramadan brought.

The end of Ramadan marks the beginning of Eid al-Fitr, a joyous festival celebrated by Muslims all around the world. The festival is a time for family and community gatherings, feasting, and exchanging gifts.

“Alvida Ramzan” serves as a reminder that the end of Ramadan is not the end of the spiritual journey but a continuation of the principles and values learned during the month. Muslims are encouraged to carry these values with them throughout the year and continue to strive towards spiritual growth.

In conclusion, “Alvida Ramzan” is a phrase used by Muslims to bid farewell to the month of Ramadan, express gratitude for its blessings, and prepare for the celebration of Eid al-Fitr. It is a time for reflection, seeking forgiveness, and continuing the spiritual journey beyond the holy month.

Alvida Ramzan 2023 WhatsApp Status Video

Jisne bna diyaa hr ghar ko gulistan,Chala jaye ga kuch hi Pall me ye mehman,Tohfe mai diyee ja raha hy ye “EID” sb ko,Alvida Alvida Mah-e-Ramzan

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Khalqat e Khuda aaj ronay ko hai
Mah e Ramazan b juda honay ko hai
Socho zara kya paya hum ne
kya apne Rab ko manaya hum ne ?
Kya jane kabhi naseeb yeh Mah ho na ho
Rab ki Rehmat ka kya Haq paya hum ne

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May this Ramadan bring joy, wealth and health to you. May the festival of lights brighten you up and your near and dear one’s lifestyles.

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Jaam Rehmat Kay Tunay Pilaye,
Gul Muradoon Kay Tuney Khilaye.
Tu Juda Hum Say Ab Ho Raha Hai,
Mah E Ramzan Bas Alwada Hai.

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Tere Aane se dil khush howaa tha,aour zoq e ibadat berrha tha,Aah!ab dil pe hai gham ka ghalba,Alwida Alwida maahe Ramadan.
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I wish that when sun of the next morning will rise, its shining rays will bring the pleasure, success, and fortune for you and for whom you love the most. Alwida Ramadan


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