BEST OF 2022: Fun Fact: Corn Flakes Were Invented So You’d Quit Having A Bat


After reading the title of this web page, you must be wondering, what exactly is the meaning of bat in this context? Well. for starters, it is a style of masturbation for men where they hang themselves from the ceiling in a bat/bird-like position to masturbate. 

Well, that sounds pretty weird and kinky, right? But what have cornflakes got to do with anything related to a weird style of masturbation?

The answer to this question will surprise you in more ways than one. Many tweets and research over time have claimed that cornflakes – one of the favorite cereal breakfasts that everyone loves to eat – was actually invented so that teenage guys (and even some older ones) can stop “batting” like a bat. 

But how true is this claim? If you have this question in your mind, then read this article till the very end. 

History Of Corn Flakes

Cornflakes were first invented in the later years of the 1800s. However, the person who invented this product is still up for debate. This is because, in most records, the name of William Keith Kellog will be mentioned a lot. However, many claim that it was his brother, John Harvey Kellog that made corn flakes, along with Ella Kellog, his wife.

While all three members of the family were equally involved in the process of creating corn flakes, its cause for creation is questionable. Most experts and historians believe that corn flakes were invented for acting as a tasty substitute for starchy and sugary food that was often provided to the patients of Battle Creek Sanitarium.

It soon became quite popular amongst the patients, who all liked it as a healthy and fulfilling breakfast option when served with milk. Soon, it was patented by Will and the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company was formed in 1906. It was soon renamed Kellogg Cornflakes in 1909. 

Over the first few years, it was heavily marketed as a healthy alternative to other breakfast options in the US. Soon, it became popular amongst middle-class people and was mostly liked by children. This happened because of the added nutrition value of milk – a food that is necessary for the development of children’s health. 

Soon, many recipes started to be circulated with corn flakes. This includes the option to add various types of nuts and fruits to the milk and corn flakes to up the nutrition value. Now, Kellogs Cornflakes is one of the most popular breakfast cereals that is liked by people all over the world. 

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The “Supposed” Marketing Of Corn Flakes

In the second decade of the 21st century where social media has the power to influence society, many tweets were posted by various users that sought to uncover the dark truth behind the invention of the popular children’s breakfast option. 

A claim was made, which stated that an advertisement from the 1920s made in the newspaper marketed Kellogs Cornflakes as an anti-masturbatory morning meal in the newspapers.

After these claims were tweeted, millions of users soon started to uncover the history of the origins of the corn flakes. Many stated that it was introduced amongst the patients of Battle Creek Sanitarium to stop the male patients from masturbating too much. 

People soon flocked to social media to find out the scientific reason behind this marketing campaign. Most tried to link the scientific properties of corn flakes and how it can lead to males masturbating less than before. 

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Do Corn Flakes Prevent Masturbation?

The final answer is- no. There is no scientific link that proves that the ingredients of corn flakes can lead to males having lesser urges to masturbate. 

After several claims were made on social media, many scientists tried to track down the chemical and nutritious properties of Kellogs Cornflakes. No link was found with any ingredient of Kellogs Cornflakes that can reduce masturbation urges for men. 

Afterward, the claims that were made regarding Kellogs Cornflakes were questioned. Soon, it was found out that those claims were false and no such advertising existed that specifically stated the phrase “anti-masturbatory morning meal” in any American newspaper. 

These claims of the dubious nature of cornflakes were made because many reports indicate that William and John Kellog were doctors and had written a research paper on the benefits and drawbacks of masturbation. 

The book openly criticized the act as unhealthy and evil. This was soon followed by the introduction of cornflakes in the Battle Creek Sanitarium. Therefore, many historians believed that corn flakes were an experiment to test out their anti-masturbatory properties. 

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So, is it true that corn flakes are anti masturbatory? The answer is no. It never was and its marketing campaigns state that there were false rumors as well. 

These claims started circulating in social media after many reports claimed that corn flakes were initially created by William and Harvey Kellogs to be an anti-masturbatory morning meal. 

However, these claims were later refuted to be false because of the medical backgrounds of the Kellogg brothers and their stance against masturbation. 

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