Experience the Ultimate Luxury with Diamond Jhumkas


Jhumka earrings are a design of extremely popular earrings in the Indian subcontinent. The earrings have a signature bell shape and hold very important cultural significance that dates back to the Mughal Empire. 

These stunning earrings had their beginning in temples, adorning the temple deities and awing all with their beauty. They then became associated with nobility during the era of the Mughal Empire. Over time, the jhumka earrings trickled down society’s ladder, and all women began to wear jhumka earrings for special occasions, especially weddings! It is almost impossible to find a traditional bride not wearing a pair of stunning jhumka earrings. 

Diamond Jhumka Designs

Jhumkas have always been a favourite design for Indian women. While jhumkas are now available in various styles and metals, no jhumka can give off the ultimate feel of luxury that radiated off the original jhumkas adorning the gods like a good diamond jhumka can!

A diamond jhumka can make you look like royalty, whether you choose to wear the more traditional diamond jhumka with your ethnic wear or whether you choose to dress in a more fusion-style attire. 

A diamond jhumka does not always have to be large and glamorous but can also be medium-sized to small. What is most important in a diamond jhumka is that it should have the traditional hollow bell shape dangling at the end of the ornament. The hollow bell may sometimes be shaped like a full-dome, a half dome, or any other variation. 

Here is a general overview of the different styles of diamond jhumka available to you today:

1) Traditional Diamond Jhumka

Indian traditional diamond jhumka will always be heavily influenced by traditional Indian designs and patterns. The traditional diamond jhumka is often made with a gold base and makes great additions to any ethnic wear for special occasions, such as engagements, weddings, etc. 

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2) Modern Diamond Jhumka

The diamond jhumka designs available today do not always stick to the traditional look but often find inspiration in other places. It results in a diamond jhumka that can be made with any metal, such as silver or platinum, and can be used to showcase the rich Indian heritage even when paired with a simple western outfit. 

3) Unique Diamond Jhumka

These days there are diamond jhumka earrings of various designs that make them unique, like this uncut diamond and gold piece. They can be so stunning that they may only be used as a centre-piece ornament.

A hoop diamond jhumka is another great design that breaks away from the traditional diamond jhumka design. These can be paired well with Indian and western outfits, making them versatile and likely to be reached for often.

4) Customised Diamond Jhumka

These days, women prefer to customize their diamond jhumka to suit them personally. It is done for brides especially, but anyone serious about their jhumka reflecting themselves can customise their jhumkas. These customizations can be anything from adjusting the length of the ornament, the metal, the karats of the metal, and even the gemstones used to decorate the diamond jhumka

Jhumkas are an essential element to every Indian ethnic-styled outfit, so ensuring that you have one that will blow everyone away is worth the time and investment. A diamond jhumka can amplify your earring’s glamour and glitz and make your overall style look all the more ethereal.

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If you have never been a fan of the heavier and more traditional Indian jhumka designs, one of the various and stunning diamond jhumka designs is sure to pique your interest and leave you yearning for a diamond jhumka of your own.

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