Give Your Bedroom Wall Texture with Faux Stone


When you are staring at your bedroom wall on a sleepless night, you want to be looking at an interesting wall, not a blank wall with nothing on it. Some people choose to hang up posters or artwork, others prefer to put up photos of friends and family, but another great way to make your bedroom wall interesting is by adding some unique texture on the wall. One excellent way to add texture to your bedroom wall is with faux stone.

What does it mean to add texture to an interior wall?

Adding texture to your bedroom means that you are using a range of materials, from the walls, furniture, and objects in the room, to create a visually interesting room design. Every piece of a room, from the flooring to the furniture to the decor, is an opportunity to add texture to the room.

Rooms with texture often feel warm and inviting, which is how you want to feel when you are in your bedroom. Without texture, a room may feel unfinished and uninviting, which is not how you want to feel when you are lying in bed at night trying to sleep.

How to Add Texture to the Bedroom

Add Faux Stone to Your Bedroom Walls

You can make your faux stone an accent wall while keeping the rest of the walls as they are or enhance the entire room with faux stone. You can also use it to subtly accent smaller areas of the room, like only framing the bed or putting it around the windows. While you might think that adding faux stone to your bedroom is expensive and requires a professional to install, there is a DIY option that is affordable. You can install GenStone in your bedroom easily and affordably in a matter of hours.

Furniture and Throw Pillows

Then, you can add a dresser and some shelves to add another layer to the room. If you add any place to sit to the room, experiment with different types of fabric, like leather, silk, or velvet. You can also soften up the bed with different textiles on your bedspread and throw pillows. The headboard is another excellent opportunity for you to mix textiles. You can get a leather upholstered headboard.

Add a Throw Rug

You can add a throw rug to the bedroom floor, which will not only add extra texture to the room, but it will also keep your feet off of a cold floor in the winter.

Add Plants

If you are a person with a green thumb, you can add some potted plants to your bedroom to give it more texture. It is another great feature to add some texture and character to your bedroom. If you are not someone who enjoys having plants around or can’t seem to keep them alive, you can always get some fake flowers to display in your room. These are perfect since you never have to water them!

Add Curtains

Curtains are for more than just keeping prying eyes out of your bedroom. They can be just as much of a decorative element as everything else in your room. Try some sheer silk curtains or bright linen curtains that make the room a little more cheerful and beautiful. You can experiment with the look and feel of your curtains until you find something that gives the windows and the room more texture.

Final Thoughts

You can do many things to improve the texture of your bedroom with faux stone and other mediums. We hope these ideas help inspire you to enhance your bedroom and make it truly yours. 


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