Happy Birthday George Clooney: Top Wishes, Greetings, Images, Memes to Greet ‘Gravity’ Star


Happy Birthday George Clooney: Top Wishes, Greetings, Images, Memes: George Clooney was born on 06 May 1961 into a well-known family of media and entertainment personalities. His full name is George Timothy Clooney. He is an American actor, film director, producer and screenwriter. Oscar winner Hollywood actor George Clooney has done more than one film in his film career, but do you know that he was a journalist before becoming an actor. George Clooney has made a big disclosure about himself. The Hollywood star says that he has been cutting his own hair for the past 25 years. Clooney himself spoke about why he cut his hair, saying, “My hair is like a straw.” He said, “So it’s easy to cut them, I don’t make too many mistakes.

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Happy Birthday George Clooney: Top Wishes, Greetings, Images, Memes

Happy birthday, bud. Enjoy your Facebook wall filled with messages from people you don’t talk to.

You are older than you were yesterday, but don’t worry; you are younger than you will be tomorrow. Happy birthday.

Let go of the past; it can’t be changed. Let go of the future; no one can predict it. Also, forget about the present. I did not get you one. Happy birthday.

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They say you lose your memory as you grow older. I say forget about the past and live life to the fullest today. Start with cake. Happy birthday.

So many candles for such a small cake? Happy birthday.

Being young is a privilege. Being attractive is a genetic gift. Being cool? That is all you. Happy birthday.

Finally, you are now one step closer to your big boy pants.

Some people get wiser with age. Some people get richer with age. But everybody gets older with age. So good luck on the other two, and happy birthday!

A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are – even if you are getting older. Thank you for being that friend, and happy birthday.

I hope that your birthday is as much fun as you are, but that sets a very high standard.

Happy birthday to the only person whose birthday I remember without the help of a Facebook notification.


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