Is Yoga Good for Pregnant Women? 10 Prenatal and Postnatal Pregnancy Exercises 


Do you think that yoga is for only active and fit people? Or are fat reductions the only target of yoga exercises? Not really. Yoga is like a full-body workout. It will give you a fit and active body along with reducing stress. This is why yoga is pretty effective for the health of pregnant women. And when you are doing the workout with your partner, your bond will get stronger. Both of you are taking outstanding initiatives to welcome your child to this new world. Doctors also encourage women to work out with a prenatal/postnatal instructor. You can start to do the exercises from your first and second-time start. And your partner can support you.

Let’s see some of the effective prenatal and postnatal pregnancy exercises.

10 Best Prenatal and Postnatal Pregnancy Exercises

Prenatal exercises are included in the childbirth preparation classes. These yoga exercises boost your mental power and are effective for stress-busting. And postnatal exercises keep your health fit and active. Most of these exercises are included in various pelvic exercises to strengthen your body.

Here is the list of the ten best prenatal and postnatal pregnancy exercises for you.

1. Yoga Classes

Yoga is a full-body workout. Whatever trimester you are having. You can enrol your name in the yoga classes. Now, many clinics are also offering exercise sessions with yoga instructions. So, you also can take that option. Pregnant women often wear pregnancy shapewear to keep their bodies in the proper shape. But when you attend the regular yoga classes, you do not have to worry about shape loosening and fitness during your pregnancy time.

But before enrolling your names in the yoga classes, ask your doctor once. Because if you are having any complications in your pregnancy, you should ask your doctor.

2. Swimming

Swimming is another great selection for prenatal and postnatal pregnancy exercises. Swimming is a full-body workout. The water is never going to be a solid barrier. And you do not have to use any foreign objects for workouts. 

You can do anything in the water. You can go swimming even before your due date. Swimming is always an excellent exercise for everyone.

3. Fast Walking

Walking sounds very common? But for any pregnant woman, slow walking is a great exercise. You do not have to visit the gym or any activity canter for this activity. One hour walking per day in a park is enough exercise to get a fit and active body. 

It is not running. This is fast walking. Before going for a walk, always wear proper shoes and find a smooth track to walk.

4. Pelvic Brace

The pelvic brace is one of the strength exercises which does not have powerful side effects. From painful intercourses to urinary urgency for every type of discomforting situation, having one single solution.

First, lie on your back with your knees bending. The feet are flat on the ground and hip-width apart. Place your pelvic area and lo back into a neutral position. Inhale properly and perform a Kegel contraction.

5. Kneeling Push-Ups

Kneeling push-ups are primarily targeting the core and the upper body parts. First, lie on your stomach, then start to do the push-up onto your hands and knees. Keep your knees behind your hips. And pull in your stomach. 

When you are lowering your chest, do the inhaling and exhale when you are pressing back up. Start with 6 to 10 workups and do 20 to 24 reps per day.

6. Squats

The first trimester is an ideal time to do the squatting. Any type of squats like leg press machine squats or leg press is good for pregnant women. This exercise can be done any time in your whole pregnancy time.

Squats are a very effective exercise for the lower body parts of the body. When you are on your pregnancy days, your legs and the other body parts are going to be the most troubled parts. And squats are keeping your lower body part fit and active.

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7. Side-Lying Single-Leg Lift

Single leg lifts are multi-effective exercises. This is because your leg and the pelvic muscles are getting enough support. First, lie on your right side with both knees bending and stacked one leg on top of another. For better support, keep one pregnancy pillow underneath your elbow or underarms.

Then slowly lift one leg and create a small gap between your waist and floor. This also leaves your pelvic part of the body. Then rotate your hips and keep your toes pointed down to the floor. Do at least two sets of 8 and 15 repetitions from each side.

8. Indoor Safe Cycling

Indoor cycling and outdoor cycling both works differently. The activity is pretty effective for the whole body. But outdoor cycling is a little risky as you are outside and do not have actual protections. 

In comparison to outdoor adventure cycling, indoor cycling is monotonous. You will get a safe environment when you are doing indoor cycling. But for this exercise, you have to buy an indoor cycle and then start the movement.

9. Low Power Aerobics Classes

We all think aerobics are only for the fitness freaks. But that is not right. Low power aerobics classes are always the best thing when you start to maintain a fit and active body in your pregnancy days.

For starting these exercises, you need a good guide. So, like the yoga classes, you have to enrol your name in the Aerobics classes. Then create your training schedule.

10. A Perfect Mermaid Stretch

Mermaid stretch is a perfect stretching for pregnant women when they are in their second trimester. First, sit on the ground and bend both knees. Then face your feet to the right or left side. 

Then raise your left arm towards the ceiling and do the inhale. The stretching should be on the left side; hold the position for a few seconds after stretching. After that, slowly leave the place.


These ten prenatal and postnatal pregnancy exercises are effective for any woman. But as I already say, you have to do the exercises under the professional’s observations. Apart from these two, walking and swimming are very convenient ways to stay fit and active. Even swimming is going to help your natural birth process chances. For actual vagina birth, women require vital lower body parts, especially the legs and pelvic areas. And swimming is a perfect solution for it. Right now, what trimesters are you on? Do not forget to share your pregnancy journey in the comment sections.

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