Top 5 PEMF Benefits for Back Pain


Back pain is a common problem faced by young adults and elderly people. There are many causes of acute and chronic back pain. Back pain can take longer to heal completely and can be a major hurdle in your routine work.  PEMF therapy is an excellent way of managing and treating back pain. It is a harmless and non-invasive treatment to cure any sort of pain. The electromagnetic pulses tend to reach deep into your muscle, tissues, and cells to cure the core problem. You can find a portable device for regular use in HealthylineOutlet.

In this article, you will learn about PEMF treatment for back pain.

What Causes Back Pain?

Acute back pain is usually a result of some shock or accident. It may also be caused due to any serious bone condition like arthritis or fracture. This indicates that something went wrong. The acute pain is usually cured in a few days with proper treatment and results.

If the pain lasts longer than two to three months, it is termed “chronic.” Chronic back pain may be due to some untreated injuries or conditions like osteoporosis or muscle pull. It can also be a result of surgery. This sort of pain can interfere with your routine, causing emotional and mental stress.

Benefits of Using PEMF for Back Pain

Back pain is linked with many underlying conditions. Here are five benefits of using this therapy for back pain.

1. Enhances Your Muscles

Muscles need the energy to function properly. When muscles get injured, the ATP molecule which produces energy in the cells is affected. As a result, the energy requirement of the muscles is not fulfilled. The muscles get swollen and cause back pain. The pulsed-field recovers the ATP to ensure fast healing.

2. Heals Bones

The conditions like osteoporosis are the common culprits for back pain. In addition to that, many internal issues, injuries, or damage due to surgery can cause excess ache. The electromagnetic pulses can heal the bones fully from the inside. Healthy bones are important to enjoy an active life.

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3. Decreases Inflammation

Inflammation is a reaction of the body after cell damage. When a body part is swelled, the body regenerates the cells and increases blood circulation to heal that area. The inflammation is painful and can take a longer time than required to go away. When the swelling lasts longer than required, it causes chronic pain. PEMFs reduce chronic inflammation and, thus, relieve pain.

4. Encourages Blood Circulation

Whatever is the reason for your back pain, blood circulation is important to heal the damage. PEMF therapy increases the blood circulation and oxygen level in cells and tissues. When the optimum amount of blood reaches the tissue, it promotes regeneration and cure. Your cells need to get oxygen to work more efficiently. In addition to that, a good blood supply can treat bruises and relieve inflammation.

5. Kills Pain

Besides treating the root cause of the back pain, the PEMF therapy vanishes pain. This therapy targets the pain receptors in the brain to numb the pain. In addition to that, it can help to get your mind relaxed. Excess pain leads to stress, but this therapy reduces it. So, it is exceptional for pain management with no side effects.

Final Words

To conclude, PEMF is an exceptional therapy for treating back pain, whether chronic or acute. Unlike other treatments that target only the symptoms, this therapy removes the primary cause of pain. The good news is that you can get this therapy yourself at home as well. There are several devices like pads and mats. You can find portable devices from healthyline outlet to treat back pain. 


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